Seeing as how I’m an amateur at everything blogging and kickboxing, I’m going to randomly splash around on these first few blog posts, as is probably my privilege.

My Spanish-exchange-student adventure (which is currently in the pre-anything-exciting-phase) began somewhere around this year in January. From what I can remember, I didn’t have school that day and was probably in the process of eating something. My mother was on the phone with one of my aunts, talking about things I probably could have paid attention to were the food I was eating not so incredibly delicious. In the midst of chewing, my mother turns around and says, “Your aunts want to know if you would like to live in Spain for a year for your birthday present.”

Being of stoic demeanor excepting the occasional romp with friends about topics such as action-heavy-animation-sequences and amazing art, I finished chewing before allowing myself to ponder the question. Spain? That place that likes to play soccer and has churros? Land of Bull Runs and Fountain Diving? Well, why not?

I’ll spare you the technical details of researching various programs. We did, however, find a program that allowed us to choose the school we wanted; The Colegio Aleman in Madrid. Why this school? Because I’m super-awesome and  get to brush up on my German as well as learning more Spanish than I will in four years of high school. That’s why.

A host family has already been found for me and we’ve tentatively Skyped together once. The Spanish people speak too fast for my Spanish skills to follow. The most-used phrase in the first few weeks of living there will probably be “mas lento, por favor”!

It hasn’t really started to hit me yet how final the decision is. Everything is already planned out, the only thing missing now is the right time. Up until now I haven’t yet started to mourn the loss of friends, family, and my kickboxing gym for a year.

I will get to take my Copic markers though. I cannot, absolutely will not give up those.

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