Finally, a break

There’s a certain kind of relief when you realize that you’ve finished a task you thought was going to take much longer. Especially if this task was listening to somebody talk about historic events that you aren’t really interested in.

Now, I’m not going to bash Education2020 for not being the most interesting form of education available. I knew from last year what I was getting, I paid for it, basta. I shouldn’t complain because I wanted to do this. I shouldn’t complain because finishing this class means that I won’t have to do it coming back from Spain. And yet there are those nagging problems that I would like to see fixed.

While using Education2020, I frequently came across these problems:

  • The lectures were given by only one person. Last year there were at least two different people lecturing. The problem with the lecturer I was listening to this time was that he was a very audio-based teacher, and I am a very visual-based learner. I don’t remember things I hear as well as I remember the things I see. Previous lecturers had made use of their slides with the use of ample pictures and actually writing out the important things I needed to know. This lecturer used his slides not at all, which made it difficult for me to focus on the lesson. My mind has a habit of wandering, especially since I’ve trained myself to ignore other peoples’ voices when reading.
  • The “fill-in-the-blank” style of some of the answers on the homework. By this I don’t mean multiple choice. I mean typing in the word yourself. The problem with this is that if you put in a similar word, you spell it wrong, or, Ishbala forbid, you add a period when it’s at the end of the sentence, it is marked as wrong.
  • The failure of the lecture to address questions in the homework. You might be lectured about the political machines in the big cities and find yourself completely at a loss for the answer to a question about the Cincinnati Red Stockings. This happens repeatedly and, unfortunately for the frustrated user, Google does not have all of the answers. Then there is the fact that you can’t retake homework, most likely because it is the “best assessment” of your ability to understand the lectures. Because of this and the above problem, it is possible to get more than 70% of the questions wrong, even if you are a relatively intelligent human being.

But I digress. I am finished as far as I can be with this program, and once I take the final exam I’ll be free.

The weather lately has been hot and humid. Not a very pleasant combination. It makes everything you do seem terribly strenuous. However, it seems to have cooled down lately, probably due to the amazing, booming thunderstorm we had here last morning. That was awesome.

Otherwise, I’m trying to make plans for a farewell party. I’ll probably end up bringing everyone of my friends to some sort of restaurant and annoy all the staff with our loud giggliness. That ought to end well. Also, I’m making these little trading-card-size personal drawings for each of them. This has culminated in a lot of, er, shirtless men. Unfortunately.

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