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Since my flight to Madrid, Spain, is leaving on August 25th, I still have some time to hang out here in the Americas. And while my siblings are still away in Germany (only until Sunday) I have the house all to myself. So, what does a girl do? She gets ready to grill, of course.

If you’re a person like me, you absolutely love to eat almost all of your mother’s cooking and have a special affinity for anything hot, delicious, and no-silverware-required. This makes ribs and corn-on-the-cob perfect for dinner.

If you’re a person like me, that also means that up until a short while ago, you had no idea how to prepare anything for the grill that didn’t involve simply cutting it up, wrapping it in aluminum foil and throwing it on the heat. But recently I found two recipes, one for corn and one for ribs, and so my ignorance was lifted. Most people I know eat their corn in the very common way of grilling it, slathering it with butter and salt and noshing away. This way is so blissfully simple and delicious, it almost seems unnecessary to add anything to it. If you want a little more kick to your corn, however, you can follow some slightly more complex instructions that involve jalapeno peppers and cold water. You don’t even have to measure anything.

  1. Take some butter, however much butter you think you need for however many ears of corn you have. Then take a little bit more butter.
  2. If the butter is frozen, microwave it a bit, maybe 15 seconds or so or until you can squish the more solid pieces easily with a fork. Don’t panic if most of the butter is melted; it WILL be okay. Make sure to microwave the butter in a microwave-safe bowl or other container.
  3. Get out a clean cutting board and a clean knife and very carefully sliced a jalapeno pepper lengthwise. Make sure to remove ALL of the seeds (this is very important). Chop it up as finely as possible.
  4. If you want more spiciness for your corn, repeat step 3 with another jalapeno pepper. Or just half of one.
  5. Add the chopped jalapeno pepper to your melted butter and mix it with some sort of utensil. Forks work great.
  6. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper if you feel like it.
  7. Take your corn. If possible, leave the leafy husk thing on when you peel it back to get off the silk; you can wrap it back around your corn and lock in all the flavory goodness. Shmear the jalapeno butter all over the corn kernels, pull the leaves back up over it, and tie the leaves together at the top and the middle.
  8. Now this is the part where it gets freaky. Take your corn and dunk it in a bucket full of cold water. Leave it there for about 15 to 30 minutes. I’m not sure what exactly this does, but the corn tastes delicious when you do it, so why not?
  9. Put your corn on the grill and grill away!

You can put the rest of the jalapeno butter in the fridge and take it back out once the corn is done if you want to put more of the butter on your corn. That’s what I do because it tastes AWESOME.

Anyway, with the ribs, the basic advice is to rubs it with spices and bake it in your oven for a few hours to get it nice and tender. It takes about two hours at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for babyback ribs, and three hours for spareribs. Then you put it in the fridge (cut it in half if it doesn’t fit at first) and leave it in there for up the three days. The longer you keep it in there, the less likely the ribs will fall apart when you grill them. It also makes them more delicious.

I definitely look forward to eating my creations when dinnertime comes around. Grilling in the summer always makes the most delicious food. However, when we do grill, I always end up eating more than I want to… because it’s so good. It’s difficult to stop eating such delicious food!

I wonder… do people in Spain grill?

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