From the library

This will be a short post, as I have to leave for my Tae Kwon Do, and my computer time is limited here anyway.

We have a local library that is conveniently located downhill of our house. This is convenient because, alas, I have not the ability to drive nor the vehicle with which to practice this skill. This in turn, of course, means that I have to bike back up the hill if I want to have basic necessities such as dinner.

Libraries are a kind of universal thing. They’re quiet places of reflection, reading, and the never-ending quest for information. A library in one city is the same as another. Perhaps not in looks or books, but in the general purpose of the people there.

Which makes me wonder. Do all the people at the library feel the same kind of urge to find, learn, and remember as I do? I know that I’m an “information junkie”, according to my parents, but is it possible that this feeling is NOT mutual? How can it not be? There’s a thrill very similar to meeting Vic Mignogna in person when you find out and make connections to something previously unknown. But perhaps this thrill is only partial to me. I assume it must be, because whenever I find new things and make a big deal out of it, my friends and family look at me with this “I’m-not-sure-what’s-wrong-with-your-brain” kind of look and slowly move away.

I, for one, hope I can continue learning forever. At least after August 25th, there will be a very heavy period of learning while I’m in Spain. I wonder if I’ll experience culture shock? Better check up on that on Google. Despite not having information on everything, Google is amazing. You can learn such interesting new things using it. It helped a lot while I was in my nudibranch phase of life…

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