Return from vacation

So vacation was nice.

A bit warm, maybe. The drive there and back wasn’t too pleasant either. And the ocean waves were way too small. I was looking forward to getting smacked in the face with them.

But nice.

I decided to get my hair braided into those tiny braids that run along the length of your skull. I didn’t do it all the way front to back, just enough to keep the hair out of my face. I found that my vision was much improved. My vision would probably improve even more if I could wear my glasses in the ocean, but unfortunately, the water wasn’t clear enough that I would be able to find them should I drop them.

Somewhere farther down the beach, a family was making sand sculptures for Shark Week. Theirs was a sculpture of some sort of car that was sponsoring Shark Week being attacked from behind by a shark. Later, they morphed this sculpture into a huge sleeping dragon, which sort of irritated me, and then into a giant squid attacking a giant whale. All in all very impressive, especially because they colored their sculptures with a mixture of food coloring and water. My family, of course, wasn’t awesome enough to make a sand sculpture, mainly because everyone was busy swimming or making food or eating food or gobbling cookies or reading. And also because I’m lazy.

Shopping for souvenirs was not very eventful. If you’ve been to one gift shop in Myrtle Beach, you’ve been to all of them. Not very exciting. But then again, I only like book-shopping and wandering in awe around China Capital Arts.

We also visited a show, Pirates Voyage. I’ve been there last year and was not looking forward to listening to and watching Dolly Parton sing her little song in her mermaid outfit.  Nothing against her personally, I just dislike people with obvious cosmetic surgery. I also dislike having to sit through somebody singing when I could be watching pirates do flips and bash at each other with swords and dive into the water flamboyantly. That’s what I like. I loved the parrots they had flying around in the beginning as well. And the soup and apple turnover were delicious. The vegetarian dish, though, was cold and the noodles were overdone. Then again, I like my noodles a bit less cooked than al dente. All in all, though, it was very enjoyable.

I returned home sometime this morning around 2 A.M. and slept through the rest of my friend’s birthday party. I also only have two days left on my trial version of Paint Tool Sai. That’s not fun.



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