We arrived in Amsterdam sometime this morning around 4 A.M. I watched The Hunger Games and the second Batman movie for entertainment, as well as drawing out my feelings about airplanes, doing some really easy Sudoku, finishing a shape-shifting book, and annoying the crew with my frequent requests to refill my water bottle.

I had some trouble using the bathroom in Amsterdam because the water faucet was being mean to me.

We boarded a smaller city-hopper (small plane) and flew the two hours to Madrid without in-flight entertainment. This was fine, as I was busy drawing and listening to more Ready Set and being jealous of the boy in front of me who was reading a Japanese book.  The only Japanese I know how to read is the symbol for “spirit” and the Hiragana symbol for the sound “no”.

Looking out of the window over Spain, I saw lots and lots of beautiful shades of brown. Spain is really dry.

My host mom picked my grandfather, mother, and me up from the airport. I didn’t talk to her much, mainly on account of falling asleep on my feet. She drove us to our hostel; I will start living with her next week.

Our hostel is like a squished hotel. The television played some kind of kid’s show that I now want to watch. I don’t know what it’s called because we don’t have it over in Michigan. Our shower only has warm water, which is irritating but natural, I suppose. I took a shower and slumped into bed and didn’t move until my mom woke me up to go get dinner.

Dinner was walking to a random restaurant. We had crunchy, fried small fish, strips of octopus in some sort of weird sweet paprika sauce, and a kind of stew with squares of deer stomach. Stomach isn’t really my texture.

The area where we are is tourist area. Most vendors speak English. Nothing is free, not even pictures sometimes. Water fountains are nonexistent. There are people begging, musicians playing their violins and guitars, and a lone male flamenco dancer tapping away for spare change. There are also people dressed and painted as statues who freeze into position for 10 minutes at a time. Some of them are frozen into positions that would cause the normal person to start shaking like a small dog within 30 seconds. I’m pretty sure they have some sort of stabilization system for that, but I didn’t see anything.

Other than that… I’m pretty wiped.

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