I feel like my IQ increased

I had testing today to see which grade I’m going to be put into. Technically I should be going to the next level, but the German school said that because of “previous experience with exchange students” they would put me into the grade I just finished. Either way would have been fine, but going into the same grade again would have given my counselor back home a heart attack because of statistics… she absolutely does not want to keep me a year behind my classmates because of the all important statistics.

To prevent confusion: every subject in the school is in German unless noted otherwise.

So I went to the test to prove my next-level-worthiness. First we had German. It went pretty well, I think. Because this is Spain, they do have lots of Spanish students that aren’t that proficient at German, so I think I will do just fine there. The teacher was really nice and helped me make a few conclusions when I needed the extra push. My writing is less, um, awesome than my speech, but I thought I did good.

Then I had Math. I was given a sheet and 15 minutes. Nya nya nya, nothing unsolvable. It took me a while because, as an American, I am quite dependent upon calculators. Europeans are very supportive of “head calculation” without calculators. I had a bit of trouble with one problem, drew a pizza on the back of the sheet, and came back to the problem with a better idea of what to do. I’m prettymaybepossiblysure that I got everything right. At most two problems wrong, one because of decimals and the other because I wasn’t sure what the German term meant in English.

Next was Physics. In Europe, Physics is it’s own class. In America, it’s just a part of math. It was mostly interpreting graphs, but there was also a question about “electromagnetic Induction” and I was pretty iffy on that, at least at first. It was something about electricity producing a magnetic field when run through coils. I have learned about this, as well as Ohms and stuff, but I remember pretty much nothing. So the graphs went well, and for the electromagnetic induction I drew an intelligent-looking stick-man on the sheet saying, “I confess that I have absolutely no idea.” I think it went quite well.

Then was Chemistry. We don’t have Science over here; Biology, Chemistry, etc. are individual classes. At first it seemed like I had absolutely no clue whatsoever of what the teacher was talking about, but I recognized certain small things he was talking about. I told him some of the stuff I’d done before and he still seemed to lean towards putting me in the lower grade.

Then was English. Probably aced that. The teacher ignored the paper he was supposed to give me, gave me a prompt, and said, “Write a page.” He speaks British English though.

SPANISH. I’m proud to have understood at least part of what the guy was saying. I think Social Studies is in Spanish too, and I also have to take Spanish classes after school. I THINK. Probably.

Then my mom talked with the secretary, who’d listened to the comments of the teachers, and came out saying, “We are debating whether to have you skip a grade.”

People always make me feel so smart.

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