Starting to roll

Roll with what, you ask? The punches? Maybe so.

Last week was great and terrible and therefore okay. More or less. Thursday was probably the best day, because on Thursday was the first day of after-school Spanish class. Not that we did anything terribly productive; just kind of introduced ourselves in Spanish as best we could. There’s some kids there that can’t speak Spanish at all, and there’s some that can speak it well enough to get by and ask for the stuff they need to know. We’re a really mixed bunch; there’s little kids about 7 or 8 years old, and there are teenagers up until 17 years.  The class was actually pretty fun, for whatever reason. We had to take a slip of paper with the name of another student on it and talk in front of the class about something. I’m pretty sure I annoyed everybody in the room with all my questions of “¿por que?” (which means “why?”, by the way) to help promote the discussion. And then after I went and talked with a poor little girl who couldn’t speak a word of Spanish, I made faces at this adorable little German boy for about 20 minutes. Goodness, he was adorable. He was like the pre-evolved form of Roxas. I want to adopt him. MOM, CAN I KEEP IT?! I’m not sure where I’d keep him, possibly just in my backpack.

My host family is nice. I don’t really know how else to describe them. The kids are really different from my siblings back home. They talk back much more and aren’t as skilled at cleaning up. But Laura loves dancing and singing, and Luis is pretty cool for however old he is. He’s probably… 7? Not sure. Maybe.

Biology is best class because my teacher last year taught me everything already. Chemistry is eh, but today I learned how to find the weight of oxygen in 1 ton of iron oxide, and that felt pretty special. Math is cool because of squiggly graphs on my sparkly new calculator, but I still don’t know how to program a bridge into it. Also, Physics. I cannot find out how to accelerate various cars, for whatever reason.

English class is W.E.I.R.D. It’s British English, and the way they put together words and stuff is really different. Also, one has to know the vocabulary, not just what a word means.

Anyway, dinner is now, so bye.

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