Making friends

It’s like stalking somebody for a while until they give up and accept you.

But not creepy stalking.

More like puppy-stalking.

It’s like stalking because friendships have herds. There are groups of friends, just like everywhere. And you wait, you watch, you follow them around until you can slowly, insidiously worm your way into the group.

That makes it sound really bad and evil and creepy, though. Like I’m a parasitic insect. I promise I’m not a parasitic insect. I only have two legs and two eyes. I also don’t have an exoskeleton. That would be pretty cool though.

Anyway, friendship is a slow process right now. I’ve got two girls who I’m pretty sure are lovely creatures to be around, mainly because of their artistic, manga-reading nature. Today, I found out that there was, in fact, another girl who watched Avatar: The Last Airbender and liked it as much as I did. Fan-art capabilities have been motivated.

Halloween is coming up sometime. This was made plain to me by one of my friends posting it on her journal and an artist I follow making several amusing comic/mangas about Halloween. I don’t think Halloween is as big here, but I gained a real chance at furthering friendship because I know how to carve pumpkins. One of the artistic girls was definitely interested in my squash-whittling skills when I told her about the Alphonse Elric pumpkin. Anyway, I’ll probably be invited to some sort of Halloween party, if just for the enjoyment of watching an American fling pumpkins around.

Otherwise, my Internet woes still trouble me. We tried another thingy that was supposed to help, but for some reason it can’t find the network I want to use even if it’s in the room the network is used in and my computer says it has Internet and all. So I’m confused.

I also ate a pretzel today. It was a good pretzel. There was also this sweetish buttery bread thing. That was good too.

I find I can actually communicate in Spanish if the other person is trying as hard to understand and talk to me as I am to understand and talk to them. I talked to Ana again, from the Openmind Program. She’s really nice and good at making conversation. We went into this random restaurant, ordered drinks, and talked about the differences between America and Spain. I also had to show her my sketchbook. It always makes me feel weird when I see other people looking at it, unless I know they’re artists.

I have to meet some other students from the program next month. Hope they’re not all crazy like I am.

Love you, my faithful friends back home! And also my family. ❤

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