I think I am making it. If slightly. In the subjects of speaking Spanish and making friends.

This week was colder than I expected… even I, with my Michigan winter-hardened skin, had to start wearing long jeans and a sweater. And then it rained for three days. We didn’t catch it so bad here in Madrid, I heard that in Andalusia people had died because of floods and stuff. Andalusia is usually really dry, so I guess they just weren’t prepared for all this rain.

I woke up one morning for school to discover that, since I had left the window open, it was raining through the window onto my bed. It was wet and cold and I recommend it for morning people who feel the need to be obnoxiously happy in the morning.

I don’t really think I can say much about school anymore. OH. In gym we played volleyball, and there’s these guys who obviously play a lot of soccer, and they were playing volleyball with their feet and heads. SO NOT FAIR. It was not very encouraging to my volleyball skills, which are nonexistent. It was fun to watch but made me realize how terrible I am at volleyball. Well. At least I can draw.

I haven’t eaten any peanut butter in a while. I still have about half of a whole tub left. It’s probably because of the lack of bananas.

Next weekend I won’t be online, I’m going somewhere with my host family. I don’t know where, but somewhere where there’s mountains, I think.

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