On drawing and runny noses

I decided (hohoho, how terrible I am) to not go to Tae Kwon Do today because my nose is a waterfall. And I really didn’t want to run out of the room every five minutes for toilet paper, like I did today in school. Also, my metro card stopped working this morning because there was a crack in it, and I don’t know how much bus fare is and I won’t be able to sign up for a new card until Monday, after which it will probably take 5 days for them to send me a new one.(Note: this is a lame reason).

Yeah, my metro card breaking was a great way to start the day. Even better because apparently I can’t just show them my card and say, “Oops, I broke it, please let me on the train anyway,” and have to buy a metro ticket. In a week, these amounts to 15 Euros just for school. This isn’t that much, but I really don’t want to pay that. It’s cheaper to use the metro card.

However, we did have art class today, so at least that was nice. We have to do a project for four different art styles; impressionism, expressionism, pop art, and cubism. All four pictures have to have the same motif. A bunch of people were all “landscapes!” but of course that was too boring for me, so I developed a new character. He’s a mean, chunky, cold-blooded Pegacorn, with a wicked-sharp horn and huge bat wings. I really like him. For some reason WordPress is being mean to me, so I can’t post a picture of his awesome, expressionistic profile view. He looks ready to viciously murderalize something.

Math was also quite good, because we got our exams back. There were four people with 1’s, and I was the only one who didn’t have a -1. So this possibly means I was the best in the class. There were five 2’s, some threes, some fours, and two 5’s. Apparently the variety in grades is much larger here than in America. But this could also be because I was in mostly advanced classes, and also because they don’t tell us anyone else’s grades in America. Still, it was quite uplifting.

Tomorrow we have a Deutsch Arbeit, which I suppose is a German Exam, where we’ll have to read and write an analytic thingy about a short story. All of our short stories have been relatively boring… except for one where the main character eventually bashed a cat against a block of ice and killed it. That one wasn’t so boring.

Today I also had SpaF2. I’m not sure what exactly that stands for; Spanish for (level) 2? I like SpaF1, which I have tomorrow, much more than I like SpaF2. This is probably because SpaF1 is more fun, on account of smaller class size, less difficult material, and a bunch of annoying small children with cookie complexes. But I feel like these small children with cookie complexes make me laugh much more. It also might be because the only person I at least kind of know in SpaF2 decided to sit as far away from me as possible after the first day. I might be reading too much into it because that’s apparently what girls do, but whatever the reason, it made me sort of irritatedly sad.

I also accidentally bought a thingy from the Fass (German store) that had tuna in it instead of spinach. It’s some sort of triangle-shaped pastry with a texture and taste like a crunchy, warm croissant, and it’s lightly filled on the inside. I wasn’t expecting the tuna. I still have to get used to it.

People seem to interest themselves in my sketchbook in waves. Today, for example, a bunch of them wanted to see. I also have to draw stuff for one of the girls in my class, because she so kindly asked me to. Apparently I will soon start to draw my first Avatar fan-arts ever.

In other news, I bought a Spanish book! Granted, it’s one I’ve already read in German and in English. It’s the first book of the Warrior Cats series, and because I’ve read it a few times before, I keep recognizing sentences. It’s a very motivating feeling, something along the lines of, “OFFMPF I REMEMBER THAT CAT SAYING THAT”.

Let’s see, other stuff? I think I’ve covered most of it.

I miss my friends and family back in the States. I miss hugging them. It’s difficult for me to trust people enough to really hug them.

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