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Aw, I thought I fixed that problem. Oh well. You know how when you’re on any website and you have a text box you can fill out? The mouse usually changes to this text cursor thingy that looks like an I. With it you can choose your placement in the text, if you already have some. For some reason (it appears this only happens for WordPress) my textbox mouse is the grabby hand. If I click with it, I can move the page up and down, but I can’t highlight text or anything.

Google just told me the answer. It’s apparently called ‘Panning hand’ and I somehow inadvertently turned it on. Thank goodness I didn’t convert my computer to Spanish yet.

Hm, let’s see. On Friday I had a busy, busy day. For whatever reason, we have the same teacher for English and German. On Fridays, we usually have an hour of English and two of German, but this time we had two hours of both because of things I don’t know about. Only problem was, the teacher wasn’t there. And we only had a substitute for one of those hours. So basically we had three hours of insane teenage boys throwing things around the room. I kind of shoved my desk into a corner and drew.

We also had two students visit us, both boys and both from Germany. I think they were friends with the boy from Frankfurt. Annoyingly, he told them about my sketchbook and so I had to let them see as well. I really don’t like showing people my sketchbook unless I know they draw as well, but I’ve learned it’s a lot easier to just let it happen. Otherwise people start getting grabby and then something breaks and then I’m sad.

After school there was gym. Gym is an eh class. Mostly because I’m not a very good team player. By this, I don’t mean that I’m a bad sport, I’m just bad at team sports in general. And I haven’t played soccer in forever, so I haven’t had much practice. Gym was also eh that day because, lo’ and behold, I had another panic attack. I won’t bore you with details, but I will tell you that the echoes you get when singing in the tiled girl’s bathroom is pretty cool.

After that, it was off to Plaza del Sol, where I haven’t been in a while. I was to meet with Ana, an instructor/mentor from the Openmind program, as well as with two other participants in the program. The girl had a Michigan State sweater because her brother was studying there. It made me sort of homesick, especially because both of them were from Germany and didn’t know much about Michigan. It was sort of awkward and stuff, because we had to speak Spanish and we didn’t know each other. Eventually I started talking about chocolate, and we all got some churros with chocolate at San Gines, and then I had to leave for Tae Kwon Do.

On Saturday I cautiously visited one of the girls in my school. I think we’re becoming better and better friends… she showed me a new manga for me to waste my time on (it’s in English, won’t be learning Spanish there) and I attempted to teach her the ways of Black Cat, without success. This is mainly because Youtube is strange and lets some episodes be posted in Spanish, but doesn’t let other episodes be posted. Even parts of episodes get cut out. It’s very frustrating. But she does agree with me that Train’s shirt looks very soft and he should share because Maruna of Garuda doesn’t have one. *goes on to babble incoherently about random stuff*

Yesterday was also an eh day, because I got nothing done… we ate lunch and then that was pretty much it. I continued to color in my lovely drawing.

Today is one of the strike days for the public transportation system in Madrid. Fortunately, I don’t have school today. Unfortunately, I do have school the next two strike days. I might be late, but at least I’ll have a good excuse. Despite it being strike day, I was easily able to take the bus to the mall and go shopping. When I say go shopping, I mean buying socks and chocolate. I don’t know what you guys do when you go shopping, but… I also found a few stores from America, like Claire’s. Made me miss my food shaped earrings.

*Later in the day*

Marian chewed me out good for being a shy, introverted, awkward teenager. I agree with her completely. We went and got my metro card fixed, so yay. I have to talk to Kristin Eberl and Ana tomorrow, because apparently they are worried about me.

I sent a bunch of teachers emails about myself because I like bragging about my awesomeness.

We’re also beginning Operation Make Luis Speak English. Because he says almost nothing. His little sister is way better than he is.

I bought some aloe gel, and I’m sort of confused because it smells like face powder makeup stuff. There was also a bunch of cool bottles in the store that I couldn’t figure out the purpose of. I’m pretty sure it was something I don’t need, though. I also wandered through the mens’ pharmaceutical department until I figured out that nothing here was helpful at all.

I also found a store that sells soap and smells delicious.

An artist on deviantArt keeps making me both sad and motivated at the same time. She posts something almost every day. She’s pretty awesome, check her out. Her name’s Camazing.


Blah, need sleep.

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