Rise of the Guardians

Haha yes, that is my title. I somehow glimpsed the Spanish advertisement for this while watching TV with Luis and Laura and was all “OH GREAT MORE STUFF TO FANGIRL OVER”. Except less sarcastically and with more jumping up and down. I watched a bunch of other trailers on Youtube, and have come to the conclusion that Jack Frost is awesome. I mean, he’s pretty cool (no pun intended) because he’s so different. He’s not the lonely-emo-silver-haired guy who needs love, he doesn’t doubt his powers, and he apparently can’t see the difference between a kangaroo and a bunny. He also has an insanely comfy-looking hoodie.


Anyway… let’s see what I remember.

We got German exams back. I did good. -1, I think. I mainly had grammatical issues with commas. Because in American English, commas are everywhere. And in German German, commas are only sometimes used. *throws papers in the air* However, this grade is very good and I won’t complain about it. The only problem is that I don’t even remember what I wrote anymore… and I don’t feel like reading it.

We had an English exam, which we haven’t gotten back yet. I’m kind of apprehensive about it, because I wrote something slightly satirical hilarious on the back and I’m nervous as to how she’ll take it. I should probably relax, because it wasn’t that bad. And also I wrote that it wasn’t part of my actual exam so she shouldn’t deduct points for it, hopefully. I’m worrying about nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Herpaderp. I’ve started to force myself to talk to people, as a bunch of authority figures have yelled at me scolded me for being shy. It’s a bit hard not to get annoyed with this after a while, but I do understand where they’re coming from. It usually turns out quite well, or ends up with me playing dominoes with them, for some reason. Today, at Taekwondo, I walked up to a random lady and started talking to her. She’s visited an American school in Belgium, was in San Francisco for two months studying Animation and Video Game Development, and is now a freelancer in those subjects. I thought this was incredibly awesome and we promised to show each other our drawings the next time.

I also made cookies today. I like the taste of them, but Luis and Laura don’t seem too excited about them. Whatever. Then that means MORE CALORIES AND BUTTER AND CHOCOLATE CRAP FOR ME. Yay. But one of the Taekwondo girls expressed an interest in them as well, so if I have any left by Monday that’s where I’m bringing them.

I didn’t have school yesterday or today, because of the Spaniards’ habit of making “puente” (bridge) if there’s a fiesta day on Thursday. They just bridge that over to Saturday, and BAM Friday is free. This means I had time to start my sister’s birthday present, which I am already in love with. Is it sad to start fangirling getting incredibly excited about something I myself drew? My only problem now is that I am terrified of inking it, because what if something goes wrong and then the entire thing is ruined and my sister doesn’t like it and I completely give up drawing because I ruined the beautifulness of Silvio. I’m also not sure if I have all the shades of purple I need, because holy crap does Silvio wear a lot of purple. It’s probably because of his catness and all, but I think it’s pretty unfair to choose a color I don’t have much of. How dare you, Silvio.

Um. Are you guys all okay? Hurricane Sandy didn’t send any storms after you guys? Hope not.

Love is emanating from Spain like goo from a Gusher gummy. Which is strange, because I’ve never tried a Gusher. They seem disgusting though.

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