On Bilbao and Fingernails

Because of request and also to update you on the state of my fingernails.

Okay, dum de dum, about two weeks ago (right after my last blog post, actually) my host family and I went to the movie theaters to see “Lo Imposible”, which I suppose is “The Impossible”. It’s about a tsunami, yadda yadda, sad sob stuff, I suppose. I say suppose because I didn’t actually watch the movie. This is because, as we were passing through those doors that section off the actual theater from the inner loungey thing where they sell popcorn, I put my hand out to touch the wall. It’s kind of a habit/instinct to put my hands out when it’s dark, to make sure I don’t bang into things. Unfortunately, as we rounded the corner, I just so happened to place my fingers perfectly into the crack the door makes with the door frame near the hinges. This in itself wasn’t terrible, but then the door (some sort of dastardly heavy black metal thing) gracefully swung shut on my hand.

For some reason this did not make me start whimpering in pain, though I assure you it was most definitely unpleasant. I couldn’t think straight and was afraid of touching the door in case I pushed it the wrong way, thus squishing my fingers more. Somehow I nudged it open and withdrew my hand, which was not at all pleased. For whatever reason, possibly because it was dark, I didn’t immediately tell Marian that the door had just tried to eat my hand and instead somehow told her I was going to the bathroom. Bathroom found, I started whimpering like a kicked puppy and trying to get the faucet to spit out ice cubes. It wasn’t having it. Two nails of my left hand had cute little diamonds of purple under the nails, and were an ugly purple on the pads. Eventually I realized what an idiot I was being and left the bathroom to find either Marian or some sort of staff.

I couldn’t find Marian in the seats, but my hand was expletive hurting really bad and so I dared to pass again through those evil swingy doors into the popcorn place. After a bit of stumbling around with my hand tightly pressed to my chest and tears running down my face, I found a staff member who wasn’t busy somehow completely missing the fact that there was a mortally wounded patron in their midst. Fortunately, I had enough Spanish left in me to explain that I put my hand in between the door and the wall and that I would kindly appreciate some ice, if it was available. The immediately placed me behind the counter with a bag of ice and a sink that I suspect was subzero. Not going to lie, the water and ice were awesome, but after a while it started hurting because it was so cold. Problem; hurt of smashed fingers, or hurt of frozen fingers? I kind of switched between the two, managing to chat with a nice Spanish woman they stationed next to me, probably to keep me from swiping the Snickers bars or something. After a while they made me go back into the theater, not without a bag of ice for my fingers. Unfortunately, I was gone so long Marian had left to look for me. Turns out she’d also sent a bunch of messages to my phone, which was ON back HOME and was therefore giving off signals of having received her messages. In short, she was a bit pissed when she finally found me wandering around in the theater. I totally understand that. I would be pissed too. But then she realized that I was not, in fact, trying to play a mall version of hide-and-seek, and we eventually agreed on going home. That is, I went home. She couldn’t leave because Luis and Laura were still inside, and those two would whine the stars from the sky if we made them leave. We both agreed on this.

So I went home and Skyped my mother, who is a doctor, and she told me my nails would not fall off.

However, the day after and also right now, my two nails are completely purple/blue. A bit late for Halloween. People keep telling me this means my nails will most definitely fall off. I do not want this.

Anyway, they don’t hurt now. I’ve been freezing them for about a week, and I also have pain medication that I no longer use.

Last weekend we had Friday off, so went up north to Bilbao. That’s where my grandfather used to live, apparently. It was gloriously green there. Yes, wet and rainy, but green. IT WAS GLORIOUS.

Ehem. I also tried to talk more. I think I was fairly successful, except at the very very end.

We didn’t eat out at all, so I can’t tell you about local food or anything. The food we ate in the house of Marian’s Aunt was delicious and they always tried to get you to eat more. We had turkey once, and somehow I ate and entire leg for lunch. I didn’t really eat dinner after that, because there was a turkey leg marinating in my stomach juices.

Let’s see. We saw the outside of a famous museum, which has a giant dog made of flowers in the front and also a sculpture of a giant spider. There was a playground next to it that was awesome.

Um, derp, got lots of stuff going on and also am trying to plan for November 30, when The Rise of the Guardians comes out here. lol I’m getting way too excited about it.

I ate a lot of nuts today, for whatever reason *shrugs*

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