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Because I am an incredibly intelligent dragon human girl, I told my history teacher that I basically knew nothing about European history, apart from a few bits and pieces about Napoleon and also Hitler. So he gave me the history book from last year to work through, on top of what we’re learning now. Fun fun fun. I love doing extra work. Mind you, this is just because I have no clue what the difference between Preußen and Germany is. And also other stuff.

My other teachers also seem to have gotten into the spirit of cramming homework into our hands as a kind of oh wait afterthought. It’s starting to pile up… and I really shouldn’t be typing this. I should be reading history. But lolnope. Also, I helped make a cake for Luis’ birthday, which is tomorrow. It smells really good, but I’m sort of doubtful on how it will turn out. We will see. I finished my drawing for him and also made him aware that something is coming in the mail for him, possibly late.

I have been instructed to buy more than one pair of shoes by my parents. MIND BLOWN. I don’t think I’ve ever owned more than one pair of sneakers at a time. Well, I do have rather nice Ugg boots, but those I’m not wearing yet because I don’t think it’s cold enough. Anyway, because of this it’s totally foreign to me how people can have more than one or two pairs of shoes… but one of the girls in my class has expressed her willingness to teach me the ways of shoes, so that’ll hopefully turn out expensive well.

The week after this week we have a bunch of exams, which means I probably won’t be doing anything except studying. It’s really different from home; at home I barely had to study at all, because the teacher goes through pretty much everything in class. Here, there’s a lot more independent work from home. Which means less time for gobbling chocolate drawing. And I really like gobbling chocolate drawing.

Let’s see. My nails are starting to feel painful, like they’re pushing into my flesh on the sides. I am unsure if I should stab them with hot needles to make it stop.

I haven’t started TKD over again because when I did gym last week my hand felt really weird, like it was carbonated or something. I suppose I’ll wait until this Friday and see how I feel at gym again, and if I don’t have any problems I’ll start it up again.

Umm… ate a lot of chocolate today. Now I don’t feel so good. Silly me. I never learn…

I think I am starting to miss people more. I want to take all the friends I left behind and show them exactly how my life is over here. I want to laugh with them about funny things that happen. I want to be with them. I want to see my family, how they are doing.

Of course, I also want to finish my homework.

No really, I’m not depressed or dwelling on the sad stuff too much. I am pretty satisfied with how things are working out. Just thought it needed mentioning.

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