It is absolutely delightful to find that shoemakers don’t produce shoes in your size. Me and a school friend went to a bunch of different shoe stores, and eventually we just started asking if they had anything bigger than a 41. They did not.

Well, they did have men’s shoes, and some ugly examples of 42, but I want to have some pretty boots for probably the third time in my life and super-shiny-high-heeled-lacquer things are just not aesthetically pleasing to me.

I found a whole bunch of boots that I liked. Apparently I like long boots that aren’t shiny and aren’t super-flat. So there must be at least some sort of ripple-thing going on, or fringey stuff, or belt buckles. I also managed to smush my feet into some size 41’s, and despite feeling squished I was very pleased with how delicately horse-like they make my legs feel. Even though I am woefully inadequate in various niches of the female life (dancing and making myself look pretty come to mind) I apparently like boots. I don’t know why. Whatever.

Anyway, so now I have to figure out how to get nice boots without shrinking my feet somehow. Because even though I find practicality more… practical than aesthetics, I actually would prefer not to wear man-boots. Is it my fault that my feet are larger than is fashionable? Why is it that we people with differences to the average fashionable person have to work harder/pay more for clothes? Just because we were born tall? Just because our feet are huge? Just because we have big shoulders?

I suppose small people also have problems with this. I wouldn’t know.

And the boots that they do have in our sizes are pretty ugly, to put it lightly. Because we ladies with big feet love ugly boots.

So now I either have to order some boots online or find a store which specializes in extreme sizes. Because my feet are extreme.

This post doesn’t make much sense because I’m an idiot and don’t go to sleep.



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