Being a teenager messes with your brain

Like, a lot. It makes you do things you know aren’t sensible or smart. But I’m not going to elaborate on that.

Ummm, life continues. I feel pretty lived in now, and things appear to be running smoothly. I finally watched Rise of the Guardians and it was nice and though I didn’t obsessively analyze everything that was said I had a pretty good idea of what was said. So that was nice.

I continue to fail at history, though I improved slightly on this exam compared to the last test. Instead of a -4 I received a 3, which is about 60%, or about 15% more than last time. Yay. What’s irking is that I can’t obsessively check what my current grade in the class is like I could in America using the school website.

I think it might be because we don’t have the same classes every day and that you have a bunch of different classes to remember stuff for might be a bit difficult on the brain. In America I had 6 hours a day, everyday, and always the same classrooms and teachers. Here we have 7 hours a day and our schedule changes daily. It makes one prone to forget things, unfortunately.

My fingers don’t hurt me anymore, but they don’t look too healthy. This is probably on account of the dried up blood that’s hanging out under the entirety of my nails. This makes them look blackish brown, but lately there appear to be air bubbles or something under my nails as well making crack shapes and generally making me worry that my nails are still going to fall off. They seem pretty firmly attached though, so that’s pretty reassuring. I’ve also finally been able to cut them, which wasn’t really that interesting to me or any of you.

I’ve convinced myself that it’s okay that I’m not speaking as much Spanish as I’d like to. German in school, English almost always at home (because we all have homework and such and so whatever we say should help the kids practice) and now people in TKD are also starting to get in on the “let’s learn English!” spirit. I am okay with this now. At first it frustrated me to no end because I am here to learn Spanish and not teach German and English. But now I’m okay, I suppose.

I sent out some letters to my friends in America but they came back a few days ago because I forgot the stamps. Sorry everyone, they might be late.

I can’t think of anything to wish for for Christmas. I feel like I have everything, and that the only thing I can wish for is cheesy things like world peace and stuff. Maybe I’ll ask for some donations to the Sierra Club.




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