Christmas Update for Everyone

Hello everyone!
I have been made aware that I haven’t send you guys anything for a while. So here I am, typing out this for you. Be grateful. Just kidding, love you guys.

 I think I’m doing pretty good. In school it’s going pretty well. Most teachers seem to like me and I believe that I have good grades in most classes. Of course I have my problems with history and nature science, but somehow grades have become much less important to me. It might be because I actually have no idea about my standing in the class and can’t check it everyday on the computer like I could in America.

The boys in my class, I repeat, can cause an uproar rivaling that of Niagara Falls and often behave like, well, adolescent Neanderthals. The worst part about this is that we have a teacher who doesn’t seem to be able to get them under control. She’s already talked seriously to us about how we don’t respect her and never do our homework, and that we never pay attention (which of course is sort of dangerous when there’s boys flying around the classroom, you have to watch your surroundings to make sure you don’t get whacked in the head with a FHM, or Flying Human Male). But if she never DOES anything about the boys being absolute nutjobs, they’re never going to stop for her. And the rest of us will never respect her as a teacher if she sits there watching as the boys make human sandwiches.

To repeat, the other four girls in my class (FIVE AGAINST NINETEEN I MEAN COME ON) are all wonderfully beautiful creatures. They also have an idea about fashion, which is more than I will ever have. We get along pretty well, I think, but sometimes I do have moments where I feel completely left out and as if they don’t care about me as much as I would like them too… but hey, 3 months isn’t really long enough to make best friends. Unless both of you have the same obsession. In which case it takes 3 minutes. But, like I said, we get along well and also have some really beautiful and awesome moments together.

The family life seems to have stabilized. Laura speaks with me almost exclusively in English, except at dinner, the one time she is actually supposed to speak it. Luis has also improved with his willingness to speak English, though it appears more difficult for him than for his sister. Have they made progress? No idea. But Grandmother and Mother are both happy.

I’ve definitely progressed in Spanish. I can tell because I watched one of my older Youtube videos and the Spanish was terrible. It was a lovely moment for me. My Spanish sounds really different now. Much awesomer.

Yesterday I was buying clothes after seeing The Hobbit. Which, by the way, thank you for teasing me with awesome flames and dragonscreams and then not giving me my dragon. Thank you. But I liked the animated birds. THOSE FEATHERS. THEY MOVED. IT WAS AWESOME. Anyway, clothes. With the shoes, it was really great. I went to a store that only has extreme sizes, and met two other women who have the same shoe problem as I do. I tried on a bunch of stuff and wanted all of them, but eventually I had to decide on one pair … oh well.

I really have problems buying pants that aren’t jeans. Other pants don’t feel pantsy, you know?

Otherwise, we ain’t got no snow. I just started to listening to Christmas movies. Don’t feel too Christmassy yet though. But it will come. I have seen Marzipan logcake in the Fass. * throws money at this shop again*

Pfft, written a bunch now. I have no known Christmas plans other than studying History.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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