Christmas, New Years

So I haven’t posted anything around this holiday time we just got through, and I appreciate the fact that you’ve all been anxiously checking back here to see if I’m still alive. Oh, wait…

Let’s see. Christmas in Spain isn’t as capitalistic and present-ey as it is most of the time in the United States. Here it really is more a celebration of the birth of Jesus (Christianity is big here) for which you put together a kind of replica of Bethlehem (here called a Belen, I think). Our Belen was smallish but nice, while the Grandparents had a huge one with running water, spinning windmill fans, turning spits, and walking donkeys. And also lights. So for Christmas we just had a small dinner together with the Grandparents, as Luis and Laura were busy frolicking somewhere with their father. On Christmas there aren’t usually presents, except for the smallest ones, and the presents are brought by the baby Jesus, somewhat like in Germany, I suppose.

New Years was a bit more festive, especially because it was also Marian’s birthday. I made a lovely card for her and got her a scarf, dangly earrings, and a small trading card that I garnished with a blue unicorn. We ate a whole crapload of food, including squid things cooked in their own ink, which was interesting because I’ve never intentionally made my food black. It was okay, but I preferred the chicken. This may or may not have to do with the fact that the chicken was warm and the squid was not. Anyway, it was a very merry lunch party with a bunch of relatives.

After that we went home for a few hours to digest said crapload, and I drew instead of studying history or geography (Yay!). Then it was off to Grandma’s for more food/dinner. After dinner I played with one of the small girls running around the house and was promptly named HORSE. We also played a game involving picking wrapped gifts that contained gags and then trading them among another. I had a cool set of cars when I started, but then I ended up with an eye mask, earplugs, an inflatable neck pillow, and a silicone butterfly mold for cake or something.

In the last twelve seconds of the old year you must eat 12 grapes. I thought it would be more difficult. Of course I deseeded my grapes before, because as an American I’ve almost never encountered grapes with seeds.

Umm, more stuff. Our heater doesn’t work right now, which is a terrible tragedy, because that means it’s cold and you can’t get hot water for showers. Which I found out all by myself. I know I like taking cold showers, but that’s usually if it’s warm outside because then I don’t freeze too much. As you can tell, I am very pleased about this. It’s supposed to be fixed by Thursday.

Otherwise I’m getting very unsure about whether or not one of the girls in my class likes me or not.

Hmph. This is going to be sort of embarrassing for me, but I’ll write it in anyway so that I have some sort of incentive to go through with it. Don’t take this as a New Year’s resolution, because I didn’t really realize it was New Year’s until it was right in my face.

I, Mawkingbird, Vaporeon0274, Mawk Noodledragon, Rebbi, whatever you know me as, do solemnly swear to uphold these rules on the consequence of doing 100 pushups per rule broken;

1. Limit my intake of things that can generally be described as “health bombs” to occasions when it would be rude not to partake in their unhealthiness. This means that “health bombs” cannot be eaten when no one is watching, i.e. must be eaten in plain view of acquaintances. Even then the intake is limited to a maximum of one “health bomb”. Occasions include and are limited to family parties, actual parties, and eating at Grandma’s house. Health bombs include but are not limited to; anything chocolate, anything marzipan, anything cake, anything mousse, candy, and soft drinks.

2. Increase my intake of vegetables. Bring a carrot for your school lunch; you’re never that hungry anyways. Leafy things are good. Buy some cauliflower; it’s delicious and nobody in your house will take it away from you. If you want to eat something just because, eat a vegetable.

3. Decrease your intake of bread. Because it’s not necessary to have 5 fat slices of bread every time you sit down.

4. Stop sneakily eating other people’s food. This includes cookies and breakfast cereals. See rule 1.

5. On the days you don’t have Taekwondo, make sure to at least do SOMETHING. Pushups. Situps. Burpees. Lunges. Take a long walk. Jumping jacks. Anything.


I think that should cover everything.


Derp. I will mention that I miss and love friends and family back home.

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