Back to normal, hopefully

Hello there my little sugar puppy dumplings. If you can’t tell, I’ve been taking lessons from Jenna Marbles for making up names. She swears a ton, but I do agree with a lot of the stuff she says.

On to blogging;

I finally got to open my Christmas presents! Here in Spain the presents are opened on Dia de Reyes, or Day of Kings. You know, those three kings who went to see Jesus when he was born and whatnot. Apparently it took them 6 days to reach baby Jesus’ crib (ha) carrying their presents, and so we also wait until then for them to bring presents to us. I think a listing of everything I got is sort of boring, so I’ll just generalize:

  • Lots of perfume. I have 5 or 6 now, the majority in fruit scents.
  • My first ever shirt to not start with a capital T. I quite like it, despite it being plaid and having pink on it. It makes me look slightly more respectable.
  • Bacon merchandise.
  • The coolest hoodie I’ve ever owned
  • A Copic Original, in E00… though I asked for a refill of that color, not a new marker… D’:
  • Books, German and Spanish.
  • Some other random stuff.
  • A box with a letter, drawing, and poster from one of my best friends on the planet.

Um, so I was very pleased with all of this. Yes, yes I was.

After this we had breakfast, which was chocolate (think hot cocoa, but more like plain melted chocolate) and roscon (kind of weird on it’s own, unless it’s filled with cream, but absolute heaven dunked into aforementioned chocolate). Then there was lunch a few hours later, huge amounts of random food and dessert too. Then the same thing for dinner. Basically I’ve eaten huge amounts of food for a week and a half or so.

I broke some glass this morning, from the glass shelf in the bathroom. That really is a terrifying sound to hear. It scares the crap out of you. Thankfully nobody was injured, and I cleaned up all the stupid glass from the stupid floor and was panicking that Marian would get mad, but she seems to have taken it rather well… I’ll prolly still pay for it, but at least it ended without me freaking out too much.

All the relatives that were always at Gramma’s house have left. We went from 18 people, including adorable small children, to two now-alone old people. Well, not alone, because they like having people in their house and apparently have friends coming over today for more fattening chocolate and roscon. Yay for them.

I felt like I had more to write here… hm. I start school again tomorrow, we have a Geography test, and a History test on Thursday. And we all know how great I am at History.

Um, the hoodie that I got for Christmas is a Black Cat Dress Hoodie from Lemonbrat. They make really cute things. It’s a really comfy armless fleece thing, and the only thing annoying about it is that it attracts lint like shiny Pokemon attract gamers. So it’s sort of high-maintenance if I get it linty.


I love you all.

Myrrp, signing off.

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