Just updating

Some of you may have seen the video update thing I posted, which is nice for you, because it means you’re very special.

Anyway, I haven’t posted here in a while because life was busy happening. You know, that thing that goes on when you’re not online? Yeah, that thing. And it’s been going pretty good!

I think Marian is pleased (pshaw, thrilled) to hear that I am pretty much blathering English at her children every time they come near me. Luis doesn’t try to reciprocate (usually) which is irritating, but I can get over that. Laura is always speaking in English with me, except of course at dinner where she’s supposed to.

On the topic of Laura; that girl doesn’t have the least restraint in going into somebody’s room and touching all of their stuff. Everything. “What is this? What’s that for? Can I use this? Is this for science? Oh, this is heavy.” This is sort of annoying, and I’ve told her so. Another thing she does is ask for the same thing over and over and over again until I say yes. My glittery gel pens, for example. I think I’ll just give them to her for her Birthday, seeing as how she’s the only one wasting their ink. (My Glaze pens are safe though). She’s now apparently taken it upon herself to convince me to let her use my Copic markers. I just have one thing to say to that.


Now, I usually let her (man)handle all of my stuff without complaining too much, but I have to draw the line here. These are my babies, and she’s too impatient and hectic to use them in a way that I deem acceptable. I mean, I freak out on the inside if people so much as un-cap them. Maybe it’s not entirely okay to do that, but OHMAIGAWDPUTTHATDOWNIT’SMINE. This is probably an accurate representation of my brain.

But of course I like her. She’s weird and funny and cute and a little girl, and I find it impossible not to like her. Same with her brother. He’s weird and funny and has a huge ego, but I still find it impossible not to like him either. We get along well most of the time. I have no complaints other than Laura’s grabbiness and Luis’ refusal to speak English, and I’m completely fine with them.

Let’s see. I got another sweater in the mail today, this time a DeviantArt one. I find it to be a little short, and the pockets are tiny and up too high, but it’s comfy and lovely and stuff and so I’m fine with it.

Today (Saturday!) I’m going to go see the movie “Wreck It Ralph” with a girl from my school. I don’t think I’ve mentioned her on here before. She’s originally from Germany and has been living here in Spain for a few years. When we first met (at a street light, I think) I was sort of annoyed for whatever reason, but I do really like her. She always has something to talk about and brought me homemade macaroons once. Which means I let her try my sweet potatoes. I ate three sweet potatoes over the course of three days this week. Now I can’t find any anymore.

Since I started to take private Spanish courses in addition to my weekly one, I’ve had to cull more money from my monthly allowance. Since I have to buy my own sweet potatoes (nobody else eats them) and various other things, I’m sort of trying to keep myself from buying things.  Though this month might not exactly count, seeing as how most of my extra money is going to go to our vacation to Sevilla, for the train tickets. I was also thinking about starting to save money for when my Birthday in June comes up, so that I might possibly be able to invite the girls in my class to a spa or something. Because I haven’t come up with anything better yet. This of course means saving up around 50 Euros or so per girl, and I know 5. So yay for that.

Also I just found a spa that teaches you to massage people for about 80 Euros. I AM SO TEMPTED. But dangit, I don’t want to spend all my money on frivolous things.

I was also thinking about buying the game Portal for my host family. Or possibly Portal 2, so that more than one person can play. Though I’m still thinking it might be better not to.

Um. I got good German grades, we just took a Natural Physics test (ew), and we also had a German Grammatic test (I had no idea what I was doing).

Umm, gotta go to the movies now, thanks for reading! I love you and miss you all and promise to glomp you mentally!


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