Sometimes all you need is cats

Just a quick little post to prove the worth of cats. Because for some reason some people don’t think they’re worth much…

Today was sort of a bad day for me. It started off lovely with a 5+ on my German Grammatic test. If you don’t know what that means, perhaps 45% correct rings your bell a little more. Actually, I think I scored 40% correct on a History Exam but somehow got a 4. Weird.

Anyway, that 5+ really threw off my groove. I mean, I know I wasn’t really taught any German grammar pretty much ever, and I know that it probably won’t serve me much in the future to know what indirekte Rede or Konjunktiv !! is. And I thought I had gotten over it pretty well, but I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror a few classes after. My face looked like it would break the second somebody handled it too roughly, like porcelain or something.

So I got through the day without breaking, really convinced that I was okay on the inside. I went home, ate a bunch of peanut butter with various other foods, and tried to learn some German grammar (lol total fail, the book says nothing).

And it all came out on my way back from Taekwondo.

So I asked Marian for permission, called my aunt, and at first sobbed some random stuff at her about how today wasn’t the best day and about how I really, really miss my family sometimes, especially when I’m not having a good day. Now, my aunt is one of the most awesome adult females I know on this planet, the group including my mother, my other aunt, and possibly also Neondragon. And so she talked me out of my sad state by telling me about how she was when she was a kid, and about how I was when I was a kid, and about her cat.

Her cat, Gizmo, ran away from the house of my Grandfather about two months ago. It’s cold in Germany where they are. Like, COLD. And Gizmo is a rather timid sort of cat. But somehow, through hunting or being fed by someone, he managed to survive these two months alone, and ended up 30 kilometers (about 18 miles) away from my grandfather’s house. I know that’s not as amazing as those amazing stories of pets traveling hundreds and hundreds of miles, but it’s still amazing. And it made me feel much better.

So basically, cats cure everything.

Um, I’m still doing good. I love you all. A lot. Seriously.

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