Semesters End

I have to write this down right now or I’ll forget about it.

Grades came today! I was sort of nervous, because of my incompetence at History and the terrible last grade I got on my German Grammar test, but I think I did pretty good! 8 out of 11 grades are 1 or 1-, which is basically an A. I have 2+ in Chem, Geo, and Music (Music mainly because we learn NOTHING about what A-Dur or G-Moll means during class, as Music class is basically a huge testosterone romp) and a 2- in Natural Sciences, which I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned isn’t half as interesting as it sounds.

The last, and worst grade goes to….!



Well, I was expecting that. A 3- isn’t that bad though, it’s apparently just a little bit below “good”. Everything else is “notable” or “very good”, so I’m pleased. I am also pleased because this pleased-ness caused me to snatch the last box of Schaumküsse from Fass, the German store.

Marian was also pleased by my grades and by my chocolate-marshmallow generousness, and that in turn made me more pleased, and now we’re all eating rainbows and pooping butterflies.

Does a new semester mean exciting new classes for me? HAHAHAHA nope. My schedule is the same. Lucky for you guys in America, taking guitar and Graphic Design and Cooking and stuff. But you don’t have Thermomixes, so I’m pretty sure I still hold the advantage.


I somehow purposely ignore the fact that my classmates (only the girls, as far as I know) also read this blog… and I have a terrible time remembering what I wrote too. Anyway, because of the sort of depressing-in-self-pity-wallowing I was doing for some previous posts, they got a bit annoyed at me for not talking to them about it in person. But today I finally grew my manliness mustache and decided to ask why they were sort of pissed. I’m not going to go into details, but there is a lesson for you kids here; always solve people-problems with people, not machines.

Because writing cannot connote sarcasm if the recipient isn’t yet proficient enough in that language to get it.

So we had a chat and I felt hugely better afterwards because it gave me their perspective on all the stuff that’s been going on. We decided that:

  • I am a snail
  • I need to not be a snail
  • In my quest to unsnailify myself, I have to learn to not let small emotional hits get to me, because the things I overanalyze all the time usually mean Spanish camaraderie.
  • I need to not be a snail

So, to sum it up, I have to stop being a snail and get out there and smack some boys across the face. Because I have no aggression (good thing? maybe?).

Anyway, for the girls in my class reading this, I promise to talk to you if I have any more problems or if I continue overanalyzing things and that I’ll force myself to be less of a snail thinking about rabbits all by myself and that I will SHARE THE RABBITS WITH YOU.

Rabbits because I’ve suddenly found myself looking up Otome games again… it’s sort of embarrassing… but they’re so addicting… I regret nothing lol. Oh wait, I regret playing the demos to games you have to buy to play, because they make you want to buy them. Sigh.

Oh yeah! Next week no school for me, so that means either massive studying for history (yeah right) or trawling Madrid for free things to do. There’s supposedly a sculpture exhibition you can touch. I also want to visit/be visited by two girls from school, which means either me being taught more Sims or me being taught Assassin’s Creed, both of which I am a novice at. We might have some transportation issues with one of them though, but we’ll just have to see.

Assassin’s Creed fans can also listen to this and die of awesome if they want to. Because Lindsey Stirling makes things about 120% more epic, and even Assassin’s Creed without her is pretty dang amazing so the combination is deadly.

I’m in such a good mood right now! I wanna draw and stuff but homework first.

Mawkingbird out!

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One thought on “Semesters End

  1. Good we talked today. I like the embedded links in your blog. Proud of you. Have fun with free and unfree stuff in Madrid next week. Good that you talked to the girls. See, it is not as if there is always heavy with meaning reactions. Take it on the bright side=easy said.
    P.S. Lindsey Sterling will perform in Michigan on March 18:

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