Being a tourist

So basically I had a free week that’s (sadly) come to an end now, and I thought you might like some updates.

I visited two of my friends from school, the getting-there of which was terribly long and/or confusing in both cases. But both cases were very enjoyable and I have slowly started to spread my love of Otome to the general female populace and it is all very heartening. But I have not finished in my missionary-ish mission of trapping more girls into my various fandoms, so that is something I will have to work on.

I also finally played Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and was absolutely entranced with it for some reason. My favorite part so far (because I am so far, obviously) is when you’re in Constantinople. The city is just so huge to me and there’s so much stuff to see and so many haystacks to “leap-of-faith” into and there are humans everywhere. Though I still play very responsibly, i.e. not murderalizing all the random citizens of the city just because it gives me giggles. That’s more up Luis’ alley, proved by his murderalization of the random denizens of Constantinople the second he got there. I tried to explain that he shouldn’t do that because apparently the point of the game is to synchronize yourself with your ancestors and Ezio didn’t kill innocents, but eventually I gave up because Luis is impossible.

All in all I found it very enjoyable and I’m probably not even halfway through the game and so I will have to see if the lovely lady who lent it to me will let me keep it a bit longer.

But to the title! This week I was determined to see some other parts of Madrid, because you don’t really see much if your daily routine involves maximum two different places and the underground metro. I think on Tuesday there was supposed to be some sort of touchable sculpture exhibition, but when I went to visit they apparently had some “technical difficulties” of some sort and there wasn’t going to be any touching of sculptures until later in the day. I was sort of disappointed about this, as I had to leave before that time, but ended up wandering around wherever it is that I was until I found a sort of international bookstore and was deaf to the world for an hour or two. Bookstores and craft stores are one of my weaknesses. One of them inspires all sorts of book-reading motivation, while the other one always manages to convince me that I need new sketchbooks and notebooks.

While I was wandering around this area I also stumbled into a group of very-obviously-American tourists. They asked me where a certain street was in hilarious Spanglish, until I revealed myself to be fluent in the language of Americans and much amusement was had by all. The street name rang a bell for me because I had just been staring at the map for a while, looking for some sort of science museum an advertisement had made me aware of. In my befuddled-by-Americans-state, I for some reason thought it was the street I had checked out the sculpture exhibition on, which had a completely different name. I eloquently explained the directions to the wrong street to my grateful listeners, who then scrambled away like a pack of excited puppies. It was only after I checked my phone that I realized I had sent them to the wrong place. I’m sorry, fellow Americans. That’ll teach you to trust strange Spaniards who speak American.

I also did the most touristy thing I could think of and used a tourist bus on Thursday. Contrary to my previous assumptions about Spain, Madrid is not warm during the winter, and it was a battle between my fingerless gloves and the cold air and my insatiable desire to take pictures of every building ever. My gloves were not making much progress. But I did get to see a lot of Madrid that I had never seen before, and the Portuguese woman next to me was quite funny, even if we had a slight language barrier (but Portuguese is sort of similar to Spanish). In fact, I think she might have been sort of impressed by me, seeing as how I asked her if she spoke Spanish (in Spanish), then English (in eloquent American) and then German (in German) and she could only shake her head to each one. I fear I may have sort of shocked her with my linguistic amazingness, but I’m sure she’ll be all right…

I actually do know why my writing has gotten so fancy and non-American sounding. Let’s just say that I have been listening to and reading a lot of British and/or Australian things, and so I suppose it just kind of naturally slithers into my writing.

Also! Before the bus ride I went into the Prado Museum. It’s huge and famous. I got in for free because I have this International Student Carnet thing, which proves to all just how non-married I am and how undeserving I am of formal speech (lol). But anyway everystaff was awesomely nice, and the man who gave out audioguides told me he assumed I wanted the Spanish one. In my mind there were fireworks of epic and huge banners that proudly proclaimed “AWYEAH” and Zuko was dancing. Okay, maybe none of that actually went through my mind (I promise) but I did feel really magnificent.

The paintings I saw are basically all slaps in the face to my art ability. WHY. *derps around sadly*

On Friday I did something useful, possibly, and then spent most of the afternoon wasting my life with Assassin’s Creed.

On Saturday was Laura’s birthday party. It was pretty entertaining, as all of her little friends started bashing me with balloons and an American flag they found somewhere. So I had to run from a horde of 15 or so little girls.

Um… I should probably not eat so much cake. Or so much of everything. I never learn and for some reason think that eating more when I’m already stuffed with somehow ease the stuffed-feeling. NOT A SMART MOVE.

Meh. Tomorrow we have Carneval or something at school. I will wear my cat hoodie and draw a kitty nose and cat eyes on myself and that will be it. Because nobody said it would be this waaaayyy haha. That and I can’t be bothered to spend money on it.

Farewell for now my sweet angelfish.

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