Just meh

Mandatory end of week post. Or something.

Monday was “karnival”. It’s sort of like Halloween in America, ‘cept it’s European and lasts longer and involves parades. I wore my cat hoodie and painted on some whiskers and a nose and cat eyes, and that was it. I wasn’t prepared for this, so that was the least I could do. I was vaguely disappointed by my class, very few people dressed up. The little kids made up for it though. I don’t think any of the costumes I saw were store-bought. And they were all so original. Have you ever seen little kids dressed as Coke cans on Halloween?

Moving on.

Uh, I am starting to annoy people at TKD to tell me what their names are… I seriously don’t know some of their names after 6 months of training. Oh goodness, I sound so antisocial and shy. But I decided to not be a snail, and so I ask them their names, which is immediately followed my an interrogation on my part, because apparently I have an accent that makes people want to know where I’m from. Sigh.

This, however, is a great conversation starter! I spent about 20 minutes of my life talking to a boy named Enrique, who can jump as high as a kangaroo with a pogo-stick (maybe not that high). I’ve only seen him at training once or twice before, but I felt he deserved the honor of meeting the most amazing person I know. Nah, I was actually just intrigued by his jumping. He asked lots of questions, which is good, because I’m still learning small-talk. He’s been to Michigan! For a YMCA-camp thing, apparently. It’s possible he only talked to me because it turns out we take the same bus home (yay for forced conversation!) but it was nice anyway.

And if he reads this..? Ha! Hello Enrique! Either you decided to stalk me, somehow, or I decided you were worthy of my blog as well.

And I know some people are going to read waaayy too much into this and assume I fancy this boy and are going to squee in fangirlish delight every time I mention him from here on out, so… um, just don’t hurt yourself with the feels, ‘kay? Because I only fancy his jumping ability, because it’s been a while since I played Frogger and I need the advantage…

We didn’t have Art this week, which made me sad, like when Shrek finds out that he actually is a parfait, not an onion. We had an addiction-information-presentation instead, which was interesting and Spanish. At least it didn’t show those horrible, bloody, mangled pictures they showed us once at school. The scare tactic is, well, terrifying.

I am behind on drawing my monthly draws. This is okay. I can fix this.

Oh! I have to prepare a presentation for my after-school-Spanish-class-of-awesomeness, because that’s what we do. I got to choose any topic I wanted to… after debating with the teacher the merits of presenting Assassin’s Creed, the production of bacon or maple syrup, and Steve Irwin, we decided to go with Steve Irwin. Which means I spend tomorrow listening to an Australian and taking various notes that start with “Crikey!”

I saw the movie Gangster Squad. Emma Stone from Easy A! That was my first thought. My second thought was that people look dang fine strutting around in suits and hats and machine guns. My third thought was “AHRGH, WHY PUT A DRILL IN HIS HEAD.” Because this is obviously a bad thing. It did have a cute ending though. At first I was like “Nooooo they killed his wife!” because there was blood all over the floor and she was in the bathtub and there were cops in the house and stuff, but then she was alive and there was a baby there and I was like “Oh, well that’s reassuring,” which you can take to mean not reassuring at all, because THERE WAS BLOOD ON THE FLOOR EVERYWHERE and that just seems like owww.

I ate so much chocolate after dinner today, it’s not even funny.

I also played three hours of Assassin’s Creed. But I don’t feel like I accomplished much. Maybe I didn’t piss off enough Templars or something.

AHYES. My computer had a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) that I hope I took care of. It’s still working, which is a very positive sign.

Our piano needs to be tuned again… or I have to play piano at school when I can. I haven’t played in so long. I am failure *sigh*

But actually I’m in a pretty good mood despite being awake at 2 in the morning typing stuff for you guys to read. I should probably sleep. So that tomorrow I can maybe convince myself to work out, burn off all that chocolate.

Yeahhhhhh righhhtttt.


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