Good things

Everyone has those days when nothing works out.

But I think everyone should have days when they wake up feeling like the most super-mega-foxy-awesome-bamf that has ever laid foot on this planet. Because it’s a nice feeling. At least as beautiful a feeling as the smell of mashed peanut-butter-cinnamon-sweet-potatoes is delicious. I don’t know about you guys, but when this happens I bounce around my room for a while feeling totally alive and basically like I had invented the refrigerator.

So that was nice.

We have some huge exams coming up this and next week, and so I spent a good chunk of this weekend doing nothing but studying. But that’s not interesting at all, so I’ll skip that part.

I’m going to go out on a precarious limb here and assume that most of the population who makes regular use of hair bands has been on that never-ending quest of keeping all their hair bands safe and sound. No matter how many hair bands you buy, no matter how many fun colors you get, no matter how well they hold your hair up; you always have to buy more. This also happens with those hair pin thingies, but they elude my comprehension anyway and so don’t concern me. Getting back to the subject at hand, I eventually ended up with one hair band. I think I had 10 or so when I started. As I’m pretty sure it’s impossible that I’m the only one who is affected by this conundrum, my question is; WHERE ON EARTH DO ALL THOSE HAIR BANDS GO? If all the people with long hair have the same, er, challenge with hair bands as I do, there should be a ginormous mountain of lost hair bands somewhere. The only thing left to find out is where.

So yes, you’ve deducted correctly, I bought new hair bands. On the way I was distracted by a store called Lush, which smells fantastic and makes me want to find the biggest bath tub I can and throw those fizz-spheres into it and then just sprawl myself out like a star fish and absorb all the fragrance so that I feel the need to eat myself because I smell so delectable. I was in the need of a new lip balm anyway, and Lush’s siren call was so strong… to cut it short, now my lips taste like honey and chocolate and I keep catching myself trying to munch them off of my face.

SpaF, my Spanish class after school, has become more and more entertaining… I gave a presentation on Steve Irwin, which went sort of awkwardly. But I don’t care, because nobody was paying attention anyway. Except the teacher, of course, but I think I already have so many points in that class for not always being willing to speak Spanish that it won’t matter much. We also debated about school uniforms, which was hilarious because I had to represent the YES WE WANT UNIFORMS side of the argument and I kept cracking up because I was wearing Pikachu socks. There’s also a classmate who was being silly with me the whole time, and that didn’t help our solemnity in the least.

I was added to the class group chat on the app WhatsApp. I guess I’m not surprise as to what exactly goes down on that front, but it’s still pretty jarring. And also I now have more reasons to be single. *sniffs haughtily*

Ahyes! Since I don’t have gym after school anymore, I was thinking about adding another activity to my week. I was thinking either an art class, because yay for that, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to see if I can get into another physical activity. Kickboxing would be nice. Also I don’t know where my sketchbook even is right now. It’s at school, isn’t it. The cleaning lady probably looked through it. Meh.

My room has been painted! Before it was a sort of light yellow, and now it’s a sort of super-duper light blue. Marian has approved my idea of painting fish on the walls. Let’s see if we ever get to it.

Other news, let’s see. My computer has had 21 instances of an event that was deemed “CRITICAL” by my computer. This is most probably the Bluescreen that’s been popping up with more frequency. I now feel like a terrible, stupid person because I didn’t try to fix the problem when it started on September 30, 2012. I might have to completely recover my laptop and that would of course bring its own set of problems.

I also can’t access my school email anymore, because apparently I am signed into something called Office 365, of which I have no knowledge whatsoever and the clicking of the “here” button to log out of it does absolutely jack.

Pffeh, computer problems. It still works fine, except for the weird thing that pops up whenever I turn it on and the bluescreening. Sigh.


I got word recently that some of my American friends are going through some tough times… are you guys okay? You can drop a comment if you want, or write a letter, I reply to every letter I get 😀



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