Snow is such a rare thing in Madrid that apparently the pure sight of it causes traffic jams, according to my private Spanish teacher. Well, for me, snow was a point of PURE JOY for today and I was very excited to be sharing all this snow with my friends and family back home. They’ve gotten what, 12 inches or so of snow? We have no inches of snow because it all melts when it hits the ground and it’s sort of disheartening seeing nature’s powdered sugar from the sky simply popping out of existence.

Math class today was more enjoyable than usual because, for some reason, one of the boys stuffed some sort of chocolate pastry thing into a microwave and nuked it. Don’t ask me why there was a microwave in the classroom, or what the pastry was, or who did it, because those things were not important. The only important thing was that the entire room smelled like warm chocolate and croissants, or a really toasty café. It was sort of distracting, I guess, but at least it was enjoyable.

I’m starting to seriously consider the option of tumblr, negating it, looking at all the benefits to my emotions, looking at all the detriments to my free time (what free time?)… I think I’m going to keep off from tumbling until I’ve finished here. It just seems like I would spend all of my time on that website instead of doing something productive to society. But the idea of a webpage filled with things that I love, inspirational quotes, pictures of cats and funny GIFs is very tempting.

Ooof, Luis is angry. There was some door slamming earlier. He’s not very pleasant to be around right now. Actually, most people aren’t when they’re angry… which reminds me. Is it possible for some people not to be able to feel anger? I don’t remember ever feeling angry. I don’t think I have any kind of aggressiveness at all. This is also sort of an, erm, impediment for when I’m practicing on the punching bags in TKD. Or maybe it’s just awkwardness from being stared at by a ton of people, most of whom have more leg-control. It was/is/will be an impediment when doing kickboxing. I just feel no urge to sock people in the mouth.

I don’t think I even know what it feels like to hate. Probably a really good thing, but sort of disconcerting. Like, where’s all my feelings? Aren’t I supposed to have this? Aren’t teenagers especially susceptible to random rages? There’s tons of help books about this, there’s even classes on managing it! Am I the only one who doesn’t have the ability to get angry? Pretty much everyone I know has been angry at one point or another.

Well, this has devolved into a rambly ramble.

Off to TKD.



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