EDIT: VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED. I will not apologize for the inconvenience because your life is probably better not having seen another Harlem Shake.


I would appreciate it if you continued reading this blog post in a British accent.

Because I thought you deserved some randomness in your life. We all knew something like this was going to happen, don’t act all surprised.

I will mention that the more immature actions of the people in this video are purely unrelated to anything I have ever done in my life schoolwise and therefore if you have a problem with it don’t come running to me. Because I will not care.

Not the best Harlem Shake I’ve ever seen, but who’s bothered by it? Also, now you can all stalk the school I go to and in general be creepy human beings. Or dragons. Or magical rainbow squirrels, for all I know.

I’m doing awesome, thanks for asking. I’ve discovered the magical world of Crunchy Betty, who makes me feel like putting food on my face is okay.


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