Time flies like butter

Did you see what I did there? Well, did you? Meh, it’s not really witty anyway.

I’m just going to post something because this upcoming Friday I’m flying to Santiago de Compostela and I wanted to update you all before that.

I’ve joined a kickboxing class. There’s very few people in it, which I think I’m okay with. There’s only one other girl who is really nice. The guys are also nice whatamisaying. Everyone in my TKD and kickboxing classes is nice. Glad we got that cleared. For this I have bought myself some red (because fine some color is okay) wraps that have already had the honor of gracing my hands yesterday when I was doing my push ups. I’ve decided against purchasing boxing gloves as of now, because myeh. They have an extra pair at kickboxing anyway. Also, I don’t even particularly mind the smell of hamster-home if it’s attached to some extremity far from my face, like my fists. If it becomes necessary I suppose I’ll have to spring for them.

Went to the movies TWICE this weekend. I know, I know. Shocking. I saw that one new OZ movie and also the Spanish dub of “Pitch Perfect”. Neither had a really intriguing storyline, but I enjoyed them anyway because I don’t judge. Also, the special effects and wing animation in OZ were enough to capture my attention. I’m not sure why. Pitch Perfect was just enjoyable because capella itself is just really awesome. PP got very repetitive because of that stupid blonde girl in charge of the Bellas ,who makes them sing the same song as many times as possible and after the third time there’s just this incredible feeling of why do I have to watch this over again I mean seriously what is your problem.

After Pitch Perfect a girl from school and I wandered around in the mall a while longer, until we got the idea to stuff me into clothes she deemed suitable. My problem might be the fact that I’m so used to wearing (and seeing myself in) jeans and T-Shirts that when I wear something else it doesn’t look right. And I will have to wear a skirt or dress soon; the horror.

AYESH. My flight to Santiago de Compostela. I’m super anxious about it. I’ve never used a taxi by myself before and my mind has somehow erased the knowledge of what kinds of papers I need to take with me. Passport, obviously. The ticket of purchase, yes. Anything else? No clue. I’m also over thinking everything and basically imagining everything that could possibly go wrong. Even though everything is probably going to go just fine. Myeh, my mother was right, I think too much.

I’ve been getting emails and general messages from friends back home… are you guys all okay? It makes me feel almost guilty to be enjoying myself so much when you guys are having problems…



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