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I’ve been thinking; I should probably change my name to Mawkpie. From Magpie, instead of from Mockingbird. Because I constantly get distracted by different shiny things, such as Wood-Splitter-Lee and muffins and domestic foxes. And I don’t actually mock people that much.

Many, many things have happened since I last posted. I made muffins, for one. Actually, I made muffins after one of my friends brought in cupcakes to school one day, and then I spent the rest of the week (and the week after that) obsessing about muffins and bread and cupcakes and in general wasting time on the Internet looking for recipes. I did find a banana muffin recipe, but after copying it down I was like, “Whuh-eveh” and basically just eyeballed and changed ingredients based on my whims. It worked out surprisingly well. They were quickly devoured by friends, family, and me. But mostly me.

We’ve had what seems like a lot of exams this month. We had a Natural Sciences exam, which was terrifying. I studied for that by actually writing out everything we had learned about twice, with pictures included. Which means I drew the basic skeletons and organ-systems of a dog and a bird. Twice. That was fun. In that class we’ve also made silicone fossils of shells, which sounds way more interesting than it turned out to be. We’ve also done different experiments to show whether or not different substances contain different ions. It’s not that fun either. I think this may have been a bad month for our teacher, because he’s been hacking away on everyone. He also wears a ton of cologne.

Another interesting thing that happened at school was when our English/German teacher left the room for ten minutes. She specifically instructed us to work on some worksheet, but the problem is that our class is about 70% testosterone, 29% “don’t give a crap”, and 1% common sense. Which means that, within seconds of her leaving, chaos broke out. It mounted steadily, and eventually there were small things flying out the windows. Somebody tore two posters off the walls and folded them into paper airplanes, which were then also launched out of the room. People were yelling and jumping up an down and it was generally loud.

And then the door slammed open.

I think, had it been our teacher, nobody would have minded all that much. But this teacher was blonde, unknown, and serious. There was that freeze thing that happens when you are caught doing something you’re not supposed to be doing. Silence.

Shortly after the teacher started lecturing us about throwing things out the windows and making the walls shake, our very own teacher arrived, looking extremely uncomfortable. Out of all the class, I think about 6 people did something on the worksheet. And we have 5 girls.


Nothing happened. We weren’t really punished or anything. It was amazing, and kind of disappointing. After relating this story to my aunt, she gave me several more ideas, such as having a yogurt eating contest until the winner vomits all over the classroom and unscrewing the door handles so the teacher can’t come in. I am not ruling these out as impossible for my class.

What’s occupying my mind right is now is choosing classes for my next year of high school in America. I have absolutely no idea what I want to be when I grow up, and so picking classes based on my interests is sort of difficult for me. I recently had a scare thinking about that, and this caused me to think about learning programming or woodworking, because those are very marketable skills.

I think it’s because I just have no idea how to be a grown up.

Also, I wasn’t sure which of my classes would be recognized back in America. And where I am math-wise is basically completely unknown.

My host-sister’s communion is coming up in May, so I went shopping to buy adequate clothing (jeans and T-Shirts are not accepted, apparently). I now have everything I need except shoes, which was obviously going to happen because Spain has issues with my foot size. Serious issues. The only shoes I found that would have even slightly fit me were 200 Euros. And they weren’t even fancy, just those ballerina shoes. Um. I have a problem with this.

But anyway, what’s amazing is that I basically only have two more months left in Spain! It feels weird to think about it. On the one hand, I can’t wait to go back home and be greeted by all the things I’ve missed; my family, my friends, the library, Panera Bread, our mixer… but on the other hand, Spain is amazing. I haven’t even seen all of Madrid yet. The food is so different and good (at least, I haven’t seen Americans eating baby eels and black spaghetti noodles before) and the people I’ve met are all amazing (even the boys, but they’re slightly less amazing.) I’ve made friend at school and at Taekwondo and Kickboxing. Laura really likes me. It will feel strange leaving this place.

This week I’ve felt sort of… I don’t know, drained. I decided to stop my 3-days-a-week afterschool workout (adapted from the workout presented in Joel Runyon’s No Excuse Workout) because I feel like I might be too stressed. This might have something to do with the fact that I’m sick right now (and I have a presentation tomorrow, great) but I think it was even before that.

I have used up so much toilet paper wiping my nose this week, it’s not even funny. And I’m really tired right now, despite getting a long night’s sleep and not having done anything today except eat, drink, and sit at the computer. Maybe I’ll go take a nap.



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