Well hello there dearies! Long time no see!

These last few weeks have been sort of a downward spiral into unhealthy eating habits, complete with muffins and chocolate and palmeras and cookies and general bombs. I think it all started with Chips Ahoy cookies, but I’m not exactly sure.

If it did start with Chips Ahoy cookies, then I’m pretty sure it’s all the fault of one of Luis and Laura’s cousins who lives next door. He spontaneously invited me to his birthday party (he turned eight) and I spontaneously decided to go because he seemed so excited. Instead of going for the entire party, though, I stayed at Grandma’s house and played with Iciar, who is an adorable little blonde-curled girl of 2 or 3 with a sugar cookie face. It was warm and sunny, and we played making sand castles and whatnot while her mother took a well-earned siesta. I really like her mother, who is pregnant with a baby boy. I’ve visited her in Sevilla with Marian and Co. once, and she’s super nice and loves salad like me.

Anyway, his party was at some kind of sciency university or whatever, with three or four scientists entertaining about 40 squealing children with self-inflating balloons, homemade slime, and various other thingamajigs.


I will never understand small children, despite having been one myself, because once the cake and the cookies came out, those kids ate ONE piece of whatever it was and then ran off to play tag or whatever.

Leaving me to eat the rest of the cookies and the cake.

I probably ate at least an entire box of Chips Ahoy that day…?

And so after that, I slowly started to increase the consumption of cookies, chocolate, muffins, etc.

I’m not going to bore you with all the sugary details, though.

We had a student from Germany in our class for two weeks! She was this little blond lollipop kind of girl who drew the male population of the school to her like flies to honey during her stay. I think we got along pretty well, especially because I tried my best to not make her stay awkward or lonely for her. That being said, I really doubt we would have maintained a good relationship if she were to stay longer, simply because I’m not a club queen and prefer not to stick drugs and man-parts into myself.

Not that I’m putting her down for knowing how to party in different circles, I just prefer different kinds of entertainment.

Though I’m pretty skeptical of the idea of letting anyone that close to me.


Somehow we spent the entire two weeks talking about nothing but her and the boy she admitted she liked in our class. We gave him the code name Antonio, because nobody in our class has that name. We giggled and generally did not pay attention.

On her last day was the Abschlussfeier (graduation party) for two of our classmates… apparently in Germany you can graduate after 10th grade? In any case, there was a party being set up, and since I was in charge of some sort of dessert, I headed over to Taste of America and bought a box of Betty Crocker to make some hyper-American chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and I bought peanut butter. And Reese’s Cups. I TOLD YOU.

And so half of the dough managed to disappear before baking… The box said it would make 3 dozen cookies. That is a lie.

Yes, I know what salmonella is.

Anyway, the party was a success, I guess. Blondie put some makeup on me between classes, which was really strange because mascara makes your eyelashes feel super heavy and fat and like they should take a shower. I wore a nice shirt and nice pants and nice shoes, but didn’t put on a dress because I’m not that much of a go-getter. I also do not own a dress.

There was a buffet, which is the most horrible kind of food option there can be, at least for me, as I will go around eating 10 pieces of everything because I don’t have any kind of discipline whatsoever.

We took lots of pictures with my friends’ fancy phones, which they have yet to send me… and I hope I can remember to remind them!

After the party, most of the class left together. We ended up at a pub, and a bunch of the boys, as well as Blondie, ordered beer. I did not, but ended up scarfing down the little salty snack things they set out for us. I don’t even know what they were. The sun was shining through the leaves of the street-trees, and the breeze was soft and mild, and it was nice.

Other things of note… I held a presentation in German class about being a Game-Designer. I suppose it’s a possible job for me, but I’m still completely clueless as to my future.

After Blondie left, we girls spent some time rehashing our complaints about her… which I suppose is natural, but I’m sort of wondering if that’s going to happen when I leave. I can think of a few things they could complain about, mainly my snailness, but… meh, I won’t dwell on it.

Ooh! I have tons of stuff I need to draw. I’m sorry, but most of the stuff I’m drawing is doodles… and the finished pieces are gifts that I forget to photograph before I give them away… which is why my art gallery is stagnating on DeviantArt. I actually DID draw something, something pretty epical actually, because one of my dear classmates had her birthday this week. She got a brawny Zoro Roronoa dragon with muscles everywhere and general badassery.

Um, we went to a thrift shop today. Okay fine, it wasn’t really a thrift shop. It was kind of like a charity flea market, held by one of the many, many churches that seem to be everywhere. After we got there everyone just kind of dispersed into various directions. I liked it a lot, and for some reason spent a whole bunch of time in the clothes section. All I ended up buying was one of those shoulder bag things (finally), two shirts (one of which I will tank-topify) and a book. The Clan of the Cave Bear, to be exact. I’ve already read it in English, but Spanish is why I’m here and so I think it will be GOOD for me.

Otherwise, tons of English for Luis, as he has an exam coming up. He’s concentrating a bit more now, which is a huge relief to me.

Tomorrow I get to go on a picnic! I have to bake cookies for that tomorrow, with which I will hopefully get rid of all the chocolate I bought myself… we can always hope.

Other than my sudden bad eating habits, everything seems to be going just fine!


I take that back. I have discovered This is bad.

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  1. food-gifs is awful. everything is moving in this devouring motion and deliciousness

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