EDIT: VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED. I will not apologize for the inconvenience because your life is probably better not having seen another Harlem Shake.


I would appreciate it if you continued reading this blog post in a British accent.

Because I thought you deserved some randomness in your life. We all knew something like this was going to happen, don’t act all surprised.

I will mention that the more immature actions of the people in this video are purely unrelated to anything I have ever done in my life schoolwise and therefore if you have a problem with it don’t come running to me. Because I will not care.

Not the best Harlem Shake I’ve ever seen, but who’s bothered by it? Also, now you can all stalk the school I go to and in general be creepy human beings. Or dragons. Or magical rainbow squirrels, for all I know.

I’m doing awesome, thanks for asking. I’ve discovered the magical world of Crunchy Betty, who makes me feel like putting food on my face is okay.


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Snow is such a rare thing in Madrid that apparently the pure sight of it causes traffic jams, according to my private Spanish teacher. Well, for me, snow was a point of PURE JOY for today and I was very excited to be sharing all this snow with my friends and family back home. They’ve gotten what, 12 inches or so of snow? We have no inches of snow because it all melts when it hits the ground and it’s sort of disheartening seeing nature’s powdered sugar from the sky simply popping out of existence.

Math class today was more enjoyable than usual because, for some reason, one of the boys stuffed some sort of chocolate pastry thing into a microwave and nuked it. Don’t ask me why there was a microwave in the classroom, or what the pastry was, or who did it, because those things were not important. The only important thing was that the entire room smelled like warm chocolate and croissants, or a really toasty café. It was sort of distracting, I guess, but at least it was enjoyable.

I’m starting to seriously consider the option of tumblr, negating it, looking at all the benefits to my emotions, looking at all the detriments to my free time (what free time?)… I think I’m going to keep off from tumbling until I’ve finished here. It just seems like I would spend all of my time on that website instead of doing something productive to society. But the idea of a webpage filled with things that I love, inspirational quotes, pictures of cats and funny GIFs is very tempting.

Ooof, Luis is angry. There was some door slamming earlier. He’s not very pleasant to be around right now. Actually, most people aren’t when they’re angry… which reminds me. Is it possible for some people not to be able to feel anger? I don’t remember ever feeling angry. I don’t think I have any kind of aggressiveness at all. This is also sort of an, erm, impediment for when I’m practicing on the punching bags in TKD. Or maybe it’s just awkwardness from being stared at by a ton of people, most of whom have more leg-control. It was/is/will be an impediment when doing kickboxing. I just feel no urge to sock people in the mouth.

I don’t think I even know what it feels like to hate. Probably a really good thing, but sort of disconcerting. Like, where’s all my feelings? Aren’t I supposed to have this? Aren’t teenagers especially susceptible to random rages? There’s tons of help books about this, there’s even classes on managing it! Am I the only one who doesn’t have the ability to get angry? Pretty much everyone I know has been angry at one point or another.

Well, this has devolved into a rambly ramble.

Off to TKD.



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Good things

Everyone has those days when nothing works out.

But I think everyone should have days when they wake up feeling like the most super-mega-foxy-awesome-bamf that has ever laid foot on this planet. Because it’s a nice feeling. At least as beautiful a feeling as the smell of mashed peanut-butter-cinnamon-sweet-potatoes is delicious. I don’t know about you guys, but when this happens I bounce around my room for a while feeling totally alive and basically like I had invented the refrigerator.

So that was nice.

We have some huge exams coming up this and next week, and so I spent a good chunk of this weekend doing nothing but studying. But that’s not interesting at all, so I’ll skip that part.

I’m going to go out on a precarious limb here and assume that most of the population who makes regular use of hair bands has been on that never-ending quest of keeping all their hair bands safe and sound. No matter how many hair bands you buy, no matter how many fun colors you get, no matter how well they hold your hair up; you always have to buy more. This also happens with those hair pin thingies, but they elude my comprehension anyway and so don’t concern me. Getting back to the subject at hand, I eventually ended up with one hair band. I think I had 10 or so when I started. As I’m pretty sure it’s impossible that I’m the only one who is affected by this conundrum, my question is; WHERE ON EARTH DO ALL THOSE HAIR BANDS GO? If all the people with long hair have the same, er, challenge with hair bands as I do, there should be a ginormous mountain of lost hair bands somewhere. The only thing left to find out is where.

So yes, you’ve deducted correctly, I bought new hair bands. On the way I was distracted by a store called Lush, which smells fantastic and makes me want to find the biggest bath tub I can and throw those fizz-spheres into it and then just sprawl myself out like a star fish and absorb all the fragrance so that I feel the need to eat myself because I smell so delectable. I was in the need of a new lip balm anyway, and Lush’s siren call was so strong… to cut it short, now my lips taste like honey and chocolate and I keep catching myself trying to munch them off of my face.

SpaF, my Spanish class after school, has become more and more entertaining… I gave a presentation on Steve Irwin, which went sort of awkwardly. But I don’t care, because nobody was paying attention anyway. Except the teacher, of course, but I think I already have so many points in that class for not always being willing to speak Spanish that it won’t matter much. We also debated about school uniforms, which was hilarious because I had to represent the YES WE WANT UNIFORMS side of the argument and I kept cracking up because I was wearing Pikachu socks. There’s also a classmate who was being silly with me the whole time, and that didn’t help our solemnity in the least.

I was added to the class group chat on the app WhatsApp. I guess I’m not surprise as to what exactly goes down on that front, but it’s still pretty jarring. And also I now have more reasons to be single. *sniffs haughtily*

Ahyes! Since I don’t have gym after school anymore, I was thinking about adding another activity to my week. I was thinking either an art class, because yay for that, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to see if I can get into another physical activity. Kickboxing would be nice. Also I don’t know where my sketchbook even is right now. It’s at school, isn’t it. The cleaning lady probably looked through it. Meh.

My room has been painted! Before it was a sort of light yellow, and now it’s a sort of super-duper light blue. Marian has approved my idea of painting fish on the walls. Let’s see if we ever get to it.

Other news, let’s see. My computer has had 21 instances of an event that was deemed “CRITICAL” by my computer. This is most probably the Bluescreen that’s been popping up with more frequency. I now feel like a terrible, stupid person because I didn’t try to fix the problem when it started on September 30, 2012. I might have to completely recover my laptop and that would of course bring its own set of problems.

I also can’t access my school email anymore, because apparently I am signed into something called Office 365, of which I have no knowledge whatsoever and the clicking of the “here” button to log out of it does absolutely jack.

Pffeh, computer problems. It still works fine, except for the weird thing that pops up whenever I turn it on and the bluescreening. Sigh.


I got word recently that some of my American friends are going through some tough times… are you guys okay? You can drop a comment if you want, or write a letter, I reply to every letter I get 😀



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Just meh

Mandatory end of week post. Or something.

Monday was “karnival”. It’s sort of like Halloween in America, ‘cept it’s European and lasts longer and involves parades. I wore my cat hoodie and painted on some whiskers and a nose and cat eyes, and that was it. I wasn’t prepared for this, so that was the least I could do. I was vaguely disappointed by my class, very few people dressed up. The little kids made up for it though. I don’t think any of the costumes I saw were store-bought. And they were all so original. Have you ever seen little kids dressed as Coke cans on Halloween?

Moving on.

Uh, I am starting to annoy people at TKD to tell me what their names are… I seriously don’t know some of their names after 6 months of training. Oh goodness, I sound so antisocial and shy. But I decided to not be a snail, and so I ask them their names, which is immediately followed my an interrogation on my part, because apparently I have an accent that makes people want to know where I’m from. Sigh.

This, however, is a great conversation starter! I spent about 20 minutes of my life talking to a boy named Enrique, who can jump as high as a kangaroo with a pogo-stick (maybe not that high). I’ve only seen him at training once or twice before, but I felt he deserved the honor of meeting the most amazing person I know. Nah, I was actually just intrigued by his jumping. He asked lots of questions, which is good, because I’m still learning small-talk. He’s been to Michigan! For a YMCA-camp thing, apparently. It’s possible he only talked to me because it turns out we take the same bus home (yay for forced conversation!) but it was nice anyway.

And if he reads this..? Ha! Hello Enrique! Either you decided to stalk me, somehow, or I decided you were worthy of my blog as well.

And I know some people are going to read waaayy too much into this and assume I fancy this boy and are going to squee in fangirlish delight every time I mention him from here on out, so… um, just don’t hurt yourself with the feels, ‘kay? Because I only fancy his jumping ability, because it’s been a while since I played Frogger and I need the advantage…

We didn’t have Art this week, which made me sad, like when Shrek finds out that he actually is a parfait, not an onion. We had an addiction-information-presentation instead, which was interesting and Spanish. At least it didn’t show those horrible, bloody, mangled pictures they showed us once at school. The scare tactic is, well, terrifying.

I am behind on drawing my monthly draws. This is okay. I can fix this.

Oh! I have to prepare a presentation for my after-school-Spanish-class-of-awesomeness, because that’s what we do. I got to choose any topic I wanted to… after debating with the teacher the merits of presenting Assassin’s Creed, the production of bacon or maple syrup, and Steve Irwin, we decided to go with Steve Irwin. Which means I spend tomorrow listening to an Australian and taking various notes that start with “Crikey!”

I saw the movie Gangster Squad. Emma Stone from Easy A! That was my first thought. My second thought was that people look dang fine strutting around in suits and hats and machine guns. My third thought was “AHRGH, WHY PUT A DRILL IN HIS HEAD.” Because this is obviously a bad thing. It did have a cute ending though. At first I was like “Nooooo they killed his wife!” because there was blood all over the floor and she was in the bathtub and there were cops in the house and stuff, but then she was alive and there was a baby there and I was like “Oh, well that’s reassuring,” which you can take to mean not reassuring at all, because THERE WAS BLOOD ON THE FLOOR EVERYWHERE and that just seems like owww.

I ate so much chocolate after dinner today, it’s not even funny.

I also played three hours of Assassin’s Creed. But I don’t feel like I accomplished much. Maybe I didn’t piss off enough Templars or something.

AHYES. My computer had a BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) that I hope I took care of. It’s still working, which is a very positive sign.

Our piano needs to be tuned again… or I have to play piano at school when I can. I haven’t played in so long. I am failure *sigh*

But actually I’m in a pretty good mood despite being awake at 2 in the morning typing stuff for you guys to read. I should probably sleep. So that tomorrow I can maybe convince myself to work out, burn off all that chocolate.

Yeahhhhhh righhhtttt.


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Being a tourist

So basically I had a free week that’s (sadly) come to an end now, and I thought you might like some updates.

I visited two of my friends from school, the getting-there of which was terribly long and/or confusing in both cases. But both cases were very enjoyable and I have slowly started to spread my love of Otome to the general female populace and it is all very heartening. But I have not finished in my missionary-ish mission of trapping more girls into my various fandoms, so that is something I will have to work on.

I also finally played Assassin’s Creed: Revelations and was absolutely entranced with it for some reason. My favorite part so far (because I am so far, obviously) is when you’re in Constantinople. The city is just so huge to me and there’s so much stuff to see and so many haystacks to “leap-of-faith” into and there are humans everywhere. Though I still play very responsibly, i.e. not murderalizing all the random citizens of the city just because it gives me giggles. That’s more up Luis’ alley, proved by his murderalization of the random denizens of Constantinople the second he got there. I tried to explain that he shouldn’t do that because apparently the point of the game is to synchronize yourself with your ancestors and Ezio didn’t kill innocents, but eventually I gave up because Luis is impossible.

All in all I found it very enjoyable and I’m probably not even halfway through the game and so I will have to see if the lovely lady who lent it to me will let me keep it a bit longer.

But to the title! This week I was determined to see some other parts of Madrid, because you don’t really see much if your daily routine involves maximum two different places and the underground metro. I think on Tuesday there was supposed to be some sort of touchable sculpture exhibition, but when I went to visit they apparently had some “technical difficulties” of some sort and there wasn’t going to be any touching of sculptures until later in the day. I was sort of disappointed about this, as I had to leave before that time, but ended up wandering around wherever it is that I was until I found a sort of international bookstore and was deaf to the world for an hour or two. Bookstores and craft stores are one of my weaknesses. One of them inspires all sorts of book-reading motivation, while the other one always manages to convince me that I need new sketchbooks and notebooks.

While I was wandering around this area I also stumbled into a group of very-obviously-American tourists. They asked me where a certain street was in hilarious Spanglish, until I revealed myself to be fluent in the language of Americans and much amusement was had by all. The street name rang a bell for me because I had just been staring at the map for a while, looking for some sort of science museum an advertisement had made me aware of. In my befuddled-by-Americans-state, I for some reason thought it was the street I had checked out the sculpture exhibition on, which had a completely different name. I eloquently explained the directions to the wrong street to my grateful listeners, who then scrambled away like a pack of excited puppies. It was only after I checked my phone that I realized I had sent them to the wrong place. I’m sorry, fellow Americans. That’ll teach you to trust strange Spaniards who speak American.

I also did the most touristy thing I could think of and used a tourist bus on Thursday. Contrary to my previous assumptions about Spain, Madrid is not warm during the winter, and it was a battle between my fingerless gloves and the cold air and my insatiable desire to take pictures of every building ever. My gloves were not making much progress. But I did get to see a lot of Madrid that I had never seen before, and the Portuguese woman next to me was quite funny, even if we had a slight language barrier (but Portuguese is sort of similar to Spanish). In fact, I think she might have been sort of impressed by me, seeing as how I asked her if she spoke Spanish (in Spanish), then English (in eloquent American) and then German (in German) and she could only shake her head to each one. I fear I may have sort of shocked her with my linguistic amazingness, but I’m sure she’ll be all right…

I actually do know why my writing has gotten so fancy and non-American sounding. Let’s just say that I have been listening to and reading a lot of British and/or Australian things, and so I suppose it just kind of naturally slithers into my writing.

Also! Before the bus ride I went into the Prado Museum. It’s huge and famous. I got in for free because I have this International Student Carnet thing, which proves to all just how non-married I am and how undeserving I am of formal speech (lol). But anyway everystaff was awesomely nice, and the man who gave out audioguides told me he assumed I wanted the Spanish one. In my mind there were fireworks of epic and huge banners that proudly proclaimed “AWYEAH” and Zuko was dancing. Okay, maybe none of that actually went through my mind (I promise) but I did feel really magnificent.

The paintings I saw are basically all slaps in the face to my art ability. WHY. *derps around sadly*

On Friday I did something useful, possibly, and then spent most of the afternoon wasting my life with Assassin’s Creed.

On Saturday was Laura’s birthday party. It was pretty entertaining, as all of her little friends started bashing me with balloons and an American flag they found somewhere. So I had to run from a horde of 15 or so little girls.

Um… I should probably not eat so much cake. Or so much of everything. I never learn and for some reason think that eating more when I’m already stuffed with somehow ease the stuffed-feeling. NOT A SMART MOVE.

Meh. Tomorrow we have Carneval or something at school. I will wear my cat hoodie and draw a kitty nose and cat eyes on myself and that will be it. Because nobody said it would be this waaaayyy haha. That and I can’t be bothered to spend money on it.

Farewell for now my sweet angelfish.

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Semesters End

I have to write this down right now or I’ll forget about it.

Grades came today! I was sort of nervous, because of my incompetence at History and the terrible last grade I got on my German Grammar test, but I think I did pretty good! 8 out of 11 grades are 1 or 1-, which is basically an A. I have 2+ in Chem, Geo, and Music (Music mainly because we learn NOTHING about what A-Dur or G-Moll means during class, as Music class is basically a huge testosterone romp) and a 2- in Natural Sciences, which I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned isn’t half as interesting as it sounds.

The last, and worst grade goes to….!



Well, I was expecting that. A 3- isn’t that bad though, it’s apparently just a little bit below “good”. Everything else is “notable” or “very good”, so I’m pleased. I am also pleased because this pleased-ness caused me to snatch the last box of Schaumküsse from Fass, the German store.

Marian was also pleased by my grades and by my chocolate-marshmallow generousness, and that in turn made me more pleased, and now we’re all eating rainbows and pooping butterflies.

Does a new semester mean exciting new classes for me? HAHAHAHA nope. My schedule is the same. Lucky for you guys in America, taking guitar and Graphic Design and Cooking and stuff. But you don’t have Thermomixes, so I’m pretty sure I still hold the advantage.


I somehow purposely ignore the fact that my classmates (only the girls, as far as I know) also read this blog… and I have a terrible time remembering what I wrote too. Anyway, because of the sort of depressing-in-self-pity-wallowing I was doing for some previous posts, they got a bit annoyed at me for not talking to them about it in person. But today I finally grew my manliness mustache and decided to ask why they were sort of pissed. I’m not going to go into details, but there is a lesson for you kids here; always solve people-problems with people, not machines.

Because writing cannot connote sarcasm if the recipient isn’t yet proficient enough in that language to get it.

So we had a chat and I felt hugely better afterwards because it gave me their perspective on all the stuff that’s been going on. We decided that:

  • I am a snail
  • I need to not be a snail
  • In my quest to unsnailify myself, I have to learn to not let small emotional hits get to me, because the things I overanalyze all the time usually mean Spanish camaraderie.
  • I need to not be a snail

So, to sum it up, I have to stop being a snail and get out there and smack some boys across the face. Because I have no aggression (good thing? maybe?).

Anyway, for the girls in my class reading this, I promise to talk to you if I have any more problems or if I continue overanalyzing things and that I’ll force myself to be less of a snail thinking about rabbits all by myself and that I will SHARE THE RABBITS WITH YOU.

Rabbits because I’ve suddenly found myself looking up Otome games again… it’s sort of embarrassing… but they’re so addicting… I regret nothing lol. Oh wait, I regret playing the demos to games you have to buy to play, because they make you want to buy them. Sigh.

Oh yeah! Next week no school for me, so that means either massive studying for history (yeah right) or trawling Madrid for free things to do. There’s supposedly a sculpture exhibition you can touch. I also want to visit/be visited by two girls from school, which means either me being taught more Sims or me being taught Assassin’s Creed, both of which I am a novice at. We might have some transportation issues with one of them though, but we’ll just have to see.

Assassin’s Creed fans can also listen to this and die of awesome if they want to. Because Lindsey Stirling makes things about 120% more epic, and even Assassin’s Creed without her is pretty dang amazing so the combination is deadly.

I’m in such a good mood right now! I wanna draw and stuff but homework first.

Mawkingbird out!

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Tomorrow is ZE DAY.

Tomorrow we’ll board a really fast train (wheee!) to be conducted the two or more hours it takes to get to Sevilla from here. It’s more south than Madrid, which means it’ll be a bit warmer. I don’t know anything about Sevilla other than that, really. I didn’t look it up on Google because I was busy looking up other things. (Like, there’s a boot camp in the Retiro Park! Fencing lessons! OMG!)


I’ve invented a food. You take a sweet potato, wash it, cut it up, microwave it, skin it, mash it, and mix it with peanut butter. Then you stuff it in your face. BEST FOOD EVER.

I feel like the last two or three days have been iffy for me on the friendship scale. I repeat, all wonderful awesome girls, I just sometimes have the feeling that they don’t like me as much as I like them. And when they’re talking I sometimes feel like D: because I don’t feel like I have anything to contribute. This also might have something to do with the fact that one of them invited me to go skiing with her, possibly, but then it turned out I can’t go because her Grandparents decided they were going to go. I was looking forward to it, and I was pretty bummed when I couldn’t go. And I know it’s not good to think this way, but in my mind I imagined her regretting asking me to go and instead inventing the story of the Grandparents. I don’t know. Maybe that’s my problem. I don’t know them enough. And also over-analyzing EVERYTHING.

Moving on.

Talking more at TKD. I met a woman named Belen today. I don’t know much about her, as I was busy blabbing about something. Also, there’s a boy named Antonion (I think?) who is also very nice.

Today in gym we discussed possible sport options for next year. They have a bunch of cool stuff like Judo and Swimming and I was like RAGE because I’m not going to be HERE next year to be able to take JUDO and crap.

Um um um good night.

I hope to take lots of touristy pictures tomorrow.

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Sometimes all you need is cats

Just a quick little post to prove the worth of cats. Because for some reason some people don’t think they’re worth much…

Today was sort of a bad day for me. It started off lovely with a 5+ on my German Grammatic test. If you don’t know what that means, perhaps 45% correct rings your bell a little more. Actually, I think I scored 40% correct on a History Exam but somehow got a 4. Weird.

Anyway, that 5+ really threw off my groove. I mean, I know I wasn’t really taught any German grammar pretty much ever, and I know that it probably won’t serve me much in the future to know what indirekte Rede or Konjunktiv !! is. And I thought I had gotten over it pretty well, but I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror a few classes after. My face looked like it would break the second somebody handled it too roughly, like porcelain or something.

So I got through the day without breaking, really convinced that I was okay on the inside. I went home, ate a bunch of peanut butter with various other foods, and tried to learn some German grammar (lol total fail, the book says nothing).

And it all came out on my way back from Taekwondo.

So I asked Marian for permission, called my aunt, and at first sobbed some random stuff at her about how today wasn’t the best day and about how I really, really miss my family sometimes, especially when I’m not having a good day. Now, my aunt is one of the most awesome adult females I know on this planet, the group including my mother, my other aunt, and possibly also Neondragon. And so she talked me out of my sad state by telling me about how she was when she was a kid, and about how I was when I was a kid, and about her cat.

Her cat, Gizmo, ran away from the house of my Grandfather about two months ago. It’s cold in Germany where they are. Like, COLD. And Gizmo is a rather timid sort of cat. But somehow, through hunting or being fed by someone, he managed to survive these two months alone, and ended up 30 kilometers (about 18 miles) away from my grandfather’s house. I know that’s not as amazing as those amazing stories of pets traveling hundreds and hundreds of miles, but it’s still amazing. And it made me feel much better.

So basically, cats cure everything.

Um, I’m still doing good. I love you all. A lot. Seriously.

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Just updating

Some of you may have seen the video update thing I posted, which is nice for you, because it means you’re very special.

Anyway, I haven’t posted here in a while because life was busy happening. You know, that thing that goes on when you’re not online? Yeah, that thing. And it’s been going pretty good!

I think Marian is pleased (pshaw, thrilled) to hear that I am pretty much blathering English at her children every time they come near me. Luis doesn’t try to reciprocate (usually) which is irritating, but I can get over that. Laura is always speaking in English with me, except of course at dinner where she’s supposed to.

On the topic of Laura; that girl doesn’t have the least restraint in going into somebody’s room and touching all of their stuff. Everything. “What is this? What’s that for? Can I use this? Is this for science? Oh, this is heavy.” This is sort of annoying, and I’ve told her so. Another thing she does is ask for the same thing over and over and over again until I say yes. My glittery gel pens, for example. I think I’ll just give them to her for her Birthday, seeing as how she’s the only one wasting their ink. (My Glaze pens are safe though). She’s now apparently taken it upon herself to convince me to let her use my Copic markers. I just have one thing to say to that.


Now, I usually let her (man)handle all of my stuff without complaining too much, but I have to draw the line here. These are my babies, and she’s too impatient and hectic to use them in a way that I deem acceptable. I mean, I freak out on the inside if people so much as un-cap them. Maybe it’s not entirely okay to do that, but OHMAIGAWDPUTTHATDOWNIT’SMINE. This is probably an accurate representation of my brain.

But of course I like her. She’s weird and funny and cute and a little girl, and I find it impossible not to like her. Same with her brother. He’s weird and funny and has a huge ego, but I still find it impossible not to like him either. We get along well most of the time. I have no complaints other than Laura’s grabbiness and Luis’ refusal to speak English, and I’m completely fine with them.

Let’s see. I got another sweater in the mail today, this time a DeviantArt one. I find it to be a little short, and the pockets are tiny and up too high, but it’s comfy and lovely and stuff and so I’m fine with it.

Today (Saturday!) I’m going to go see the movie “Wreck It Ralph” with a girl from my school. I don’t think I’ve mentioned her on here before. She’s originally from Germany and has been living here in Spain for a few years. When we first met (at a street light, I think) I was sort of annoyed for whatever reason, but I do really like her. She always has something to talk about and brought me homemade macaroons once. Which means I let her try my sweet potatoes. I ate three sweet potatoes over the course of three days this week. Now I can’t find any anymore.

Since I started to take private Spanish courses in addition to my weekly one, I’ve had to cull more money from my monthly allowance. Since I have to buy my own sweet potatoes (nobody else eats them) and various other things, I’m sort of trying to keep myself from buying things.  Though this month might not exactly count, seeing as how most of my extra money is going to go to our vacation to Sevilla, for the train tickets. I was also thinking about starting to save money for when my Birthday in June comes up, so that I might possibly be able to invite the girls in my class to a spa or something. Because I haven’t come up with anything better yet. This of course means saving up around 50 Euros or so per girl, and I know 5. So yay for that.

Also I just found a spa that teaches you to massage people for about 80 Euros. I AM SO TEMPTED. But dangit, I don’t want to spend all my money on frivolous things.

I was also thinking about buying the game Portal for my host family. Or possibly Portal 2, so that more than one person can play. Though I’m still thinking it might be better not to.

Um. I got good German grades, we just took a Natural Physics test (ew), and we also had a German Grammatic test (I had no idea what I was doing).

Umm, gotta go to the movies now, thanks for reading! I love you and miss you all and promise to glomp you mentally!


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Back to normal, hopefully

Hello there my little sugar puppy dumplings. If you can’t tell, I’ve been taking lessons from Jenna Marbles for making up names. She swears a ton, but I do agree with a lot of the stuff she says.

On to blogging;

I finally got to open my Christmas presents! Here in Spain the presents are opened on Dia de Reyes, or Day of Kings. You know, those three kings who went to see Jesus when he was born and whatnot. Apparently it took them 6 days to reach baby Jesus’ crib (ha) carrying their presents, and so we also wait until then for them to bring presents to us. I think a listing of everything I got is sort of boring, so I’ll just generalize:

  • Lots of perfume. I have 5 or 6 now, the majority in fruit scents.
  • My first ever shirt to not start with a capital T. I quite like it, despite it being plaid and having pink on it. It makes me look slightly more respectable.
  • Bacon merchandise.
  • The coolest hoodie I’ve ever owned
  • A Copic Original, in E00… though I asked for a refill of that color, not a new marker… D’:
  • Books, German and Spanish.
  • Some other random stuff.
  • A box with a letter, drawing, and poster from one of my best friends on the planet.

Um, so I was very pleased with all of this. Yes, yes I was.

After this we had breakfast, which was chocolate (think hot cocoa, but more like plain melted chocolate) and roscon (kind of weird on it’s own, unless it’s filled with cream, but absolute heaven dunked into aforementioned chocolate). Then there was lunch a few hours later, huge amounts of random food and dessert too. Then the same thing for dinner. Basically I’ve eaten huge amounts of food for a week and a half or so.

I broke some glass this morning, from the glass shelf in the bathroom. That really is a terrifying sound to hear. It scares the crap out of you. Thankfully nobody was injured, and I cleaned up all the stupid glass from the stupid floor and was panicking that Marian would get mad, but she seems to have taken it rather well… I’ll prolly still pay for it, but at least it ended without me freaking out too much.

All the relatives that were always at Gramma’s house have left. We went from 18 people, including adorable small children, to two now-alone old people. Well, not alone, because they like having people in their house and apparently have friends coming over today for more fattening chocolate and roscon. Yay for them.

I felt like I had more to write here… hm. I start school again tomorrow, we have a Geography test, and a History test on Thursday. And we all know how great I am at History.

Um, the hoodie that I got for Christmas is a Black Cat Dress Hoodie from Lemonbrat. They make really cute things. It’s a really comfy armless fleece thing, and the only thing annoying about it is that it attracts lint like shiny Pokemon attract gamers. So it’s sort of high-maintenance if I get it linty.


I love you all.

Myrrp, signing off.

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